Me vs. Philip

Just before the clip, Philip scared me by stomping his feet. I became frightened and aggressive. I got over the aggression but remained frightened for several days.

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  • I adore guinea pigs, and ever since I found out about capybaras, I have wanted one ever since. 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on his behavior in this clip. He is expressing the same behavior I see in male guinea pigs, especially when they are fighting over food or a female. They stiffen their necks, circle each other, and chatter and then sometimes they will head butt, nip or barber (eat the hair) of the other guinea pig. I wonder if Caplin is expressing this same behavior. He might think that you are his mate and that Philip is just another male capybara trying to take his mate away.

    Keep up the videos. Caplin is precious!

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