Attack of the Capybara

I attack Philip but am restrained by a leash. There are only two people I don’t like, Philip and Carol, but when I doesn’t like someone, I can be very aggressive. In this video we are working to get me to tolerate Philip. Philip is using a plastic water gun as a defensive shield–most of the time.

I took a dislike to Philip about eight months ago, because Philip stomped his feet at me. I have a very good memory for people, even though I went for about three months without seeing Philip, I still remember that I hate him.

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5 comments to Attack of the Capybara

  • Sinclair

    Philip is a dork. Why is he grabbing the Capybara’s nose? His whole body language is threatening.

  • Capy Bara

    I agree, Phillip is a dork. In fact, of the three individuals in the video, the capybara is clearly the smart one.

  • T Dawg

    If I were a capybara, I would want to attack Philip too;-) hehe.

  • marlene

    wow. you people are all idiots. why would you think that restricting him to a leash while someone he hates moves toward him threateningly with a giant watergun while trying to grab him by the nose would be an appropriate method of socialization? have some empathy and you might get somewhere with this problem. (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • joe

    the girl video taping is an idiot for thinking rabbits cant get rabies…any mammal get get rabies. some more prone than others like the opossum is highly unlikely to carry the disease due to that its sense of smell is so acute that it can tell if an animal has died from being poisoned or illness. therefor will not eat a carcass infested with rabies. so as with the opossum not catching rabies unless bitten so would the rabbit if bitten…i caught a wild cottontail rabbit when i was a kid that was rabid. my parents took it to the vet to have it checked due to the signs of illness it showed(mainly the fact that it just staggered up to me). they had to kill it and look for the virus in its brain where it was found.

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