Fame and the Capybara

Me and Neptune during the Animal Planet shoot

Did y’all catch me on Animal Planet last night? I was the lead segment on the show Animal Planet’s Most Outrageous Odd Looking Pets. I’ll post a link to the video as soon as I can, for now hopefully you can just watch it over and over again on your DVR. I’ve watched it about 30 times already and I’m not tired of it yet.

Can’t say the same for the rest of the show though. Sure the long-haired Peruvian guinea pigs were cute, but not any cuter than my little Neptune who only made a cameo on my segment. They could have replaced those long-hairs with him. Then they could change the name of the show from odd looking to cutest.

What’s up with that anyway? Why did they throw me in with those odd-looking animals? I totally did not fit in. The next animal was Elwood, the ugliest dog. OMG! I do not belong on the same show with that animal. The featherless cockatoo, the super-muscled whippet and the gold-toothed cat were all diseased or had genetic deformities of some sort. The littlest dog looked like it was going to shake itself to death and the tallest dog can’t reach the ground to eat out of its food bowl.

How do I belong with those animals? I am the picture of health and grace. I can swim like an otter. I am fully furred (or as fully furred as any capybara). My teeth, while large, fit inside my mouth where they belong. I admit I am on the small side for a capybara, but not freakishly so. I feel sorry for those other animals, really I do, but that doesn’t mean I want to be lumped in with them. I guess it’s the price you pay for fame. Everyone has to pay their dues climbing the ladder to stardom.

Me with KXAN’s Jim Swift, On the Porch

Speaking of which, I suppose you have seen my appearance on KXAN? And this week I am also making a guest appearance on Enzoology. Hook your kiddos up with Enzo, he’s into science and capybaras and that makes him a cool kid in my book. We have a cute moment at the end of the video where Enzo thinks a popsicle is for him when it’s really for me. Silly kid, popsicles are for capybaras.

I didn’t want to make it too easy for Enzo and his parents.
They had to scramble to earn their video of me.
Here’s me with Enzo.
Don’t know why he wouldn’t roll in the mud with me.
I may be cutest when I’m muddy.
I let Enzo pet me while I swam.

Next on my voyage to stardom may be a stint on a reality show for The Learning Channel. Not sure about that yet. They say it is about people who are obsessed with their pets. Two things wrong with that. Firstly, it seems to put the emphasis on my owner instead of on me, where it belongs. Secondly, no level of devotion to a capybara could be considered obsessive. We deserve all the attention we get. And more.

(By the way, I do NOT eat 10 lbs of guinea pig food a day. I have no idea where AP got that.)

9 comments to Fame and the Capybara

  • mary lee stropes

    I loved you piece on Animal planet…too bad it was not the complete show as I know you well enough that you could really fill up the hour with your cute tricks.
    mary lee

  • Gayle

    I loved your spot on Animal Planet and was disappointed that it was so short. My daughter and I wondered if that was Neptune with you. He’s pretty cute, too!

    You had me laughing out loud about the littlest dog looking like it was going to shake itself to death. I thought the same thing!

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine had told me today about your appearance on KXAN. My daughter is doing a Science Fair report/project and her subject is the capybara. This is such a coincidence and I was wondering/hoping if you would be able to bring Caplin to her school for her class to see, if I can get it cleared through the school. She would absolutely love it and I know her classmates and teachers would love it as well. If you could email me at and let me know if this is a possibility. I believe her project is due next week (23rd or 24th). I’m hoping you will get this comment, but I’m going to try other methods to contact you (and no, I’m not a crazy maniac mom!! :)) Thank you so very much. Lisa Ellis

  • Mister Scrubby

    Dude, you are awesome. I’m so glad we are Twitter pals!

  • grumblebunny

    Caplin, I volunteer to be your first groupie.

  • Dixie the Dog

    And I’ll be your second groupie! I love your blog, Caplin. I have one too if you’d like to check it out. I’m not a cool unusual animal like you, but I do have some fun adventures. xoxo Dixie the Dog

    P.S. My humans, Allison and Kris, are friends with you on Facebook.

  • Cyberlis

    Caplin, your cute doing anything, but I have to admit, to me, you look cutest in the mud!

    I’ll be your third groupie (but in my heart, I’ll always be your first groupie…)

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  • dione

    WE WANT ONE! how can i have one and where can i pick it up? we have 7 acres for it and lots of food. please contact me. we have been obsessing since the first airing of AP, not just the recent show.

    thanks so much, dione

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