Capyfest 2009!

My birthday bash is July 11!

My birthday is coming up! I am going to be two on July 10th.

I will have a public party on Saturday, July 11th from 10 – noon at Garrison Park on Manchaca Rd. in South Austin. Look around and you’ll find us. I’ll be the only capybara there. Here is a link to a map.

As part of the celebration, my owner and I are donating $5 to the San Antonio Zoo for each copy of Celeste and the Giant Hamster sold during my birthday week (July 5-11).  The money will be used to “adopt” one or more of their three capybaras. If you buy the book, please send me a photo of you reading it and wearing a birthday hat or eating cake or with some other symbol of a birthday celebration. I’ll post the photos here and next to the book on

At the party you will be able to:

  • Get your photo taken with Caplin
  • Get your pet’s photo taken with Caplin
  • Share Caplin’s birthday cake
  • Get your copy of Celeste and the Giant Hamster signed by Caplin

Thanks! And Happy Birthday to Me!

My 1st birthday with my co-pets.

My 1st birthday with my co-pets.