Adopted a capybara :)

Remember my owner’s pledge to donate $5 to the San Antonio Zoo capybaras for every copy of Celeste and the Giant Hamster sold during my birthday week?  Well, thanks to all of you readers, we were able to adopt a capybara at the “Senior Keeper” level. My owner put the adoption in my name. That means that my name will appear on a plaque somewhere inside the zoo. I’ll try to get my owner to do down there and take photos of the plaque and the capybaras in the next few weeks. If you get there ahead of us, take photos and share with us.



6 comments to Adopted a capybara :)

  • Amy

    Wow that is so cool that you adopted a capybara! And it is extra cool that you were able to raise that much money – senior keeper sounds like a big deal!

  • Michelle

    Wow! I am so glad someone has picked up where we left off – I was a Senior Keeper adoptee for the SA Zoo capys last year – never got to go visit, though, since I relocated to Colorado.

  • jenn

    How much do you want for a capybara and do you ship.

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Domnick08: If you’re going to ask me a question you should provide a valid email address.

  • wiliam

    hello i was wondering is it possible to adopt a capybara i would love to my email is anyone with info please feel free to let me no they are so cute they look like a big guniea

  • I really want a giant hamster like that for my kids and they would have so much fun for hours


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