Coney Island Giant Rat

I recently saw this photo of the “Giant Rat” at Coney Island, NY.

Baby capybara at Coney Island, NY

Baby capybara at Coney Island, NY

I was not surprised that the “Giant Rat” was actually a capybara, it always is, and, after all, my parents are carnies.

What I am surprised at is that it is a BABY capybara. And look at how it is being kept. It is hunkered down in its miserable little water bowl. The floor is metal with nothing soft for it to lie on and no obvious food to eat. The poor thing should at least have some hay to lie down in. And, at this size, it should still be getting milk.

Can someone in NY report this to the local SPCA and have them look into it? Hopefully this photo doesn’t tell the full story.

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