For capybaras life is a series of lucky or unlucky events beyond our control. Does the anaconda eat my friend or eat me? That is true even for a pet capybara such as myself. When my owner leaves for work in the morning, how do I know she’ll come back? One time days passed, lots of days, and she never returned. When I had given up all hope, she came waltzing through the gate, gave me a hug and pretended nothing had happened. The next morning she went to work again while I eeped at the very top of my lungs.

I feel helplessly out of control most of the time which is why I am so happy that I (virtually) met Jeff VanderMeer. I was the one who tweeted him. I was the one who became his FaceBook friend. I had my owner take a birthday photo of me for his friend Tessa. I was the one who looked adorably cute in a birthday hat and lei. And I suggested Jeff read my owner’s book about me, Celeste and the Giant Hamster.

So I am taking all the credit for the nice review Jeff wrote of the book on his Amazon blog. Thank you Jeff for finally giving this little capybara some empowerment.

Now I am going to try to control the flavor of yogurt that comes out of the refrigerator each day. Blueberry. I want blueberry…

An illustration from Celeste & the Giant Hamster

An illustration from Celeste & the Giant Hamster

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