Five Favorite Giant Pets That Live in Houses

Once in a while there is a list, a category, a conglomeration of things that just screams “YOU!” This is the exact feeling I had when I heard about Urlesque’s Five Favorite Giant Pets That Live in Houses. Come on! How could that not include me?

I have to say, there was some stiff competition. I mean a hippo is a gigantic beast and certainly not expected in a human house. Same with a moose; they are surprisingly large creatures. When I saw the others, I breathed deeply, and felt a shiver of fear that I might not be worthy of the list after all.

But I did make it! Check out their short introductory video and then follow the links to the longer videos about each pet. Interesting stuff. Makes me look commonplace.

2 comments to Five Favorite Giant Pets That Live in Houses

  • Cory R.

    This is so amazing! I’ve always been interested in animals, especially having strange ones as pets.

    I’m from Texas too, and unfortunately can’t make it to your book reading, but would love the opportunity to meet Caplin in person! Do you ever allow strangers to meet him? Do you have other events at which he might appear? I can’t imagine a better destination for a short road trip.

    So excited to find out more about Caplin,

  • Jennidy

    It was nice that although the other giant pets were deemed a bit inappropriate, that Caplin was deemed AWESOME! 🙂

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