Wild Capybara Spotted in England

Hey all my British fans, check this out! A wild capybara was spotted in Totteridge by “Hollywood actor David Dayan Fisher.” He saw the capybara while walking in fields near Darlands Lake on September 20. Here’s the link for a full report.

So you Brits, no more excuses! You too can go out and see a capybara in the wild. And I want photos!

5 comments to Wild Capybara Spotted in England

  • alan harvey

    while out for a boat trip near henly on thames saw one on the bank of the river,have picture to prove regards Alan.

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Would love to see your photo! You can send it to me at caplinrous at gmail dot com.

  • I saw a capybara crossing a road in Sussex a few months ago, it hopped through the hedge before I had a chance to stop and take a photo. I didn’t know any were living here but there’s another for your records, it was near Haslemere from memory.

  • James tearne

    I was on my motorbike at about 5.30 in the morning going to work just outside Doddington (Cambridgeshire). Stood in the middle of the road were three. Two adults and a young one. They didn’t move either till I came to a stop. Tripped me out as I’d never seen or heard of one before. This was about 10 years ago.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! I don’t think capys have established a wild population there but they do escape from time to time.

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