Me & My Owner Immortalized

Us with painting by Grace Warrington

Us with painting by Grace Warrington

If a picture paints a 1000 words then a painting is worth a million words. Or something like that. Anyway, the painting that Grace Warrington did of me and my owner is worth at least a million words. More like a million dollars. More like priceless. Look what a great job she did of catching us in a candid moment. It’s so funny how we both have our eyes all squinty-shut! And you can see, Grace caught my owner’s big teeth perfectly while just hinting at mine. I love that subtle comparison.

I kissed a painting of my owner!

I kissed a painting of my owner!

My owner first showed me the painting while I was getting ready for the Halloween Costume Contest which is why I have a green stripe in the photo above. More to the point is that it was so lifelike that I just had to kiss the image of my owner in the painting. That was funny because the me in the painting is kissing the other side of her face.  Just shows how much I love my owner.

Grace Warrington working on our portrait

Grace Warrington working on our portrait

This is an image that Grace sent us while she was working on the portrait. You can’t even imagine how excited we were when we saw this. Grace picked the image to use out of all the images we have up on the web in various locations. We didn’t even know it was going to be both of us. She picked just the right one to capture the true capybara-owner bond! (But why does my owner have to make her fingers into rabbit ears behind me? I am NOT a rabbit.)

Make sure you check out Grace’s web page. She always shows her work in progress on her page. As I am writing it she is doing a beautiful rendition of a very strikingly colored cat. She even has a whole series showing her work on our painting that you can see here. It’s amazing to see how the work progressed, especially for a capybara since we are not known for our artistic abilities.

4 comments to Me & My Owner Immortalized

  • neva

    It’s a masterpiece… but considering the subject, is this any surprise?

  • Carls

    What a wonderful painting!

  • Alex

    Amazing picture! Caplin, you must be so proud of you and your owner!

  • chris ham

    what a BEAUTIFUL companion animal (‘pet’ isn’t a word that I use) … thank you SO much for sharing your life, home and world with such an amazing creature … as I’ve only seen a capybara in a zoo, I can only imagine the incredible bond you have together but he seems like a truly amazing soul – people like you are an inspiration to so many people …

    I run a private house rabbit sanctuary and have bonded DEEPLY with several of them, so I can understand how strongly a companion animal can get into your heart, although every bond and every animal is different, I’m not sure if it’s the same thing with your and your big boy but I hope it is … most people don’t know, but rabbits sound like a geiger counter when they are happy as well – from gently grinding their teeth together with delight and comfort – maybe his ‘happy vocalizations’ come from the same thing? … I consider myself lucky to hear this sound daily … I’ll be watching your blog with interest from now on – Chris

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