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Morning capybara!

Morning comes early at my house. Weekends or weekdays, a certain capybara named Caplin Rous wants his morning yogurt. He has various ways of making this known. The most subtle wake up is one where he sits on the floor or lies on the bed and eeps periodically. Eeping is that I call the soft, high-pitched noise he makes when he wants something. Guinea pigs call this a wheek. It sounds something like a one-note bird call. To wake me he’ll eep quietly, wait thirty seconds or so and eep again just loudly enough to keep me awake. As far as I know, he can keep it up forever.

Another wake-up tactic is to tap me on the face. This is not subtle at all. He comes out from under the covers, climbs onto my pillow with his face directly above mine and not-so-gently taps me on the nose or the cheek or even on the eye or mouth with his large, heavy paw. Sometimes I try to hide under the pillow but this is no good since his 100 lb weight it holding it down.

Might as well get up.

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うちでは朝が早い。週日も週末も、Caplin Rousというカピバラが朝ご飯のヨーグルトが欲しいといってくるからだ。いろんな方法で知らせてくる。最初はそっと、床に座るか寝ころがってときどきクーンクーンといってる。何かがほしいときの、小さな高い声だ。ギニアピッグはwheekというらしいが、なんだか鳥の鳴き声みたい。静かに鳴いて、30秒かそこら待って、今度はもっと大きく鳴いて、起こそうとする。ほっとくといつまでもやっている。



Waiting for yogurt.


I need some water here!


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