CONTEST! Putting Caplin Rous in My Life

Elly Fox, Dim Dim Dim and Me

Entry #0: Elly Fox "Capy Paradise"

My FaceBook friend, Elly Fox, made this great photo of me standing with her and her boyfriend Dim Dim Dim (weird name but sometimes you just can’t explain humans).

I really like that photo. It makes me think I could be with all of my friends. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, maybe I can’t do it in real life but I can do it in Photoshop. So I am making my first Contest. Let me explain the rules.


And the Winners Are:

  1. Entry #40: Caplin & Dalai Lama, Angelica Clemmer
  2. Entry #9: Holding Up the Monument, Issac
  3. Entry #11: Kissing with a Walrus, Maude Perreault

I need for the winners to send me their physical addresses in an email so I can send them their prizes.

If you ask me, everyone was a winner, even those that didn’t enter, because the entries were all so cute, inventive and entertaining. I really loved seeing me in all those different places with all those different people! Thanks everyone!

1st, 2nd and 3rd all get the same prize, a mug from my CafePress shop. Here’s what it looks like.

Prize Mug!

Putting Caplin Rous in My Life Contest Rules:

  • Photo must contain my image, there may be multiple capybaras but at least one of them has to be me
  • You can take my photo from my blog, from FaceBook or from your own image file if you’ve met me in person
  • The photo must contain an image of you or one of your family members or close friends
  • You may submit as many photos as you like
  • email submissions to
  • Photos should be in the range of 900 x 600 to 600 x 400 pixels
  • Entries will be added to this post
  • Entries close on Saturday March 27, 2010 at 11:59 pm
  • Viewers will vote using a poll starting on March 28 and lasting for one week
  • Prizes will be given for the top three photos

Okay, that sounds like about everything. Post a comment if you have questions. I am so excited to see what people come up with!



Entry #1 Brittany Barnes

Entry #2 Brittany Barnes

Entry #3 Rezoner

Entry #4 Bria Grace

Entry #5 Shawn Hsu Happy Capy ‘n Us

Entry #6: Jim Cunningham Flying with Caplin

Entry #7: Ingunn Markiewicz Caplin, unnamed husband and Wellie

Entry #8: Anita Fair

Entry #9: Me and Isaac holding up the Washington Monument

Entry #10: Maude & Jonathan Perreault & me in Quebec

Entry #11: Maude Perreault with me and a walrus at the Quebec Aquarium

Entry #12: Lisa Jay, Oreo, Pixie, Smores, Penny and Caplin

Entry #13: Eugene Delacroix Caplin and Liberty Lead the Way

Entry #14: Jun Lunch with Caplin

Entry #15: Jun World's Largest Rodent

entry #16: @vernbern Capybara Wedding

Entry #17: Marianne DeMarco Capycordian Orchestra

Entry #18: Elly Fox Pool Paradise

Entry #19: Amy Stanley Disney Caplin

Entery #20: Claudia Enna Sardinian Shore

Entry #21: Claudia & Michele Sharing Real Italian Pizza

Entry #22: Mahia Presidental Summit (Me, Cristina Kirchner (Argentina) and Jose Mujica (Uruguay)

Entry #23: Mahia Me as the new mascot for the Uruguayan soccer team. Go team!

Entry #24: Claudia & Michele - Caplin, Dobby, Maple & Us in Bumper Cars

Entry #26: Michele "How fast can this thing go?"

Entry #27: Linda Collins Going for a Ride with Linda and Tara

Entry #28: Linda Collins Just Swingin'

Entry #29: Tatiana Pettinaroli "Talk of the Town"

Entry #30: Kittehboi Caplin & Kitteh Easter

Entry 31: Angie Wallace "Where Popsicles Come From"

Entry #32: Angelica Clemmer "Caplin in Florida"

Entry #33: Dobby Winnick "Twins"

Entry #34: Stephanie Aguilar "Sleepy Boyfriend and Caplin"

Entry #35: Linda Collins "Family Reunion"

Entry #36: Angie Wallace "Garden Gnome"

Entry #37: Angelica Clemmer "Caplin in Colorado"

Entry #38: Marty Collins "Capypiggy"

Entry #39: Angelica Clemmer "Already a Legend"

Entry #40: Angelica Clemmer "Caplin and the Dalai Lama"

Entry #41: Angelica Clemmer "Caplin at the Last Supper"

Entry #42: Angelica Clemmer "The Fith Beatle"

Entry #43: Stephanie Aguilar "Karaoke With Caplin"

Entry #44: Stephanie Aguilar "Caplin Fever"

Entry #45: Stephanie Aguilar "It's a RAID!"

Entry #46: Stephanie Aguilar "Jen & Caplin Get Award for Hard Work"

Entry #47 (LATE): Linda Collins "Prehistoric"


Use the poll on the right side-bar. You can vote for three entries!

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