The Front 15

Me in the Bluebonnets

This weekend my owner made this big deal about how we had to get my picture taken in the bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and it is like a ritual here for people to get their photo, or their kids or their pets photos, taken with the flowers. It helps that they are about the first flower to bloom in this part of the country and there’s not too much else growing at that time. I think she was so obsessed by it because the past two years, basically ever since I was born, we have been in a terrible drought and there weren’t any bluebonnets so I don’t have any baby photos with me in them.

Lots of people stop by the side of the road–including freeways, which doesn’t seem to safe to me–to get their bluebonnet photos. We are lucky in that we have them right on our property. So my owner determined to get me out for a long walk in the Front 15 (that’s what we call the 15 acres in front of our house) and plop me down in those flowers for a photo. Naturally, I put up a fight.

Walking aroung in the Front 15

Bluebonnets need a lot of sun to grow so I headed for the most densely wooded part of our land. It was a pretty warm day and I thought the shade might be nice. Plus there was this one type of tasty weed over there that I had a hankering for.

Sitting in the Shade

After a while I decided to take a rest.

Scratching my eye

I wonder if I’m getting allergies because my eye started to itch.

More walking through the woods

Humm. No bluebonnets here. Guess they must be in the other part of the land, but I was in no hurry to go over there. To be honest, I didn’t do it at all that day. The next day my owner had to drag me over there on my leash before she let me go. That’s how we got the photo at the top of this post.

Walking through the more open part of the land

I don’t know why I didn’t want to go over there because it is actually pretty nice.

Lots of room to roam--as long as we don't run into the cattle

It worked out pretty well for me anyway. I got a 2 hour walk on Saturday and another 2 hours on Sunday. And both walks included the most wonderful mud puddle know to capybara!

Rolling in the mud

Muddy me.

Muddy profile

I believe I look better in mud than in flowers.

Action shots!

Well, you have to get out sooner or later. In my case it was later.

Me climbing out of Capybara Creek

I took a dip in the creek but the water didn’t come up over my back so I still had plenty of mud on me.

So that pretty much sums up four hours of fun in the sun. You can watch a synopsis of Saturday’s adventures in the video: YouTube Preview Image

12 comments to The Front 15

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  • Dawn

    Hey Cappy,
    Looks like you had a great deal of fun in the mud pool?

    What are you doing for Easter? (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Teresa Moore

    Caplin…you look dvine covered in mud–bet your owner made you soak in the bathtub when you got home!! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Deedra

    I loved the pics and video!Caplin,you’re so adorable! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Oh, no! A MUD bath!! 😀 Judging from your expression, that looks like something Capybara’s reeeeeeeally enjoy! 😀
    (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Lynn Marcotte

    What fun you had!!!! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Chie


    Bluebonnets and your harness color really matched!

    Come to Japan and I give you a haress of ash-pink color. It should match cherry blossoms now about to be in full-bloom all over Japan. Everywhere you go, people will flock to take picture of you under cherry blossoms and you will be a super model! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Kathryn

    What a beautiful day you had! Your mud bath was a riot to watch. I love your wiggly little ears! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Jeannette

    Gorgeous Caplin,
    You looked really fetching in the bluebonnets with your matching harness, but I must say the mud enhanced your eyelashes beautifully in the “Mud Profile” pic. Pity Africa is so far away from Texas… I’d love to meet you in person. (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Marilee Shelton-Newsom

    i just wanted to take a minute to thank you, Melanie…….. i would have NEVER probably known about Cappy’s….well, especially not as pets… is unique, you and him….. just don’t see it every day…..
    You know, i don’t think that everyone who had one could ever be like you and Caplin…… as a pet lover and owner, for many, many years,i can very well see that you share a relationship with him that you just don’t see often…….lotsa time and effort…. that’s all i can say. I have this lovely lil ferret, had him 2 years next month….. got him when he was a day shy of 3 mos. old. He’s tiny….. he never made to quite a pound…. he’s sable, his name is Bandit….. Melanie, he is the most precious….. he wants to do everything w/ me….hahaha
    He rides on my shoulder everywhere……. wants to go do laundry and sniff all the clothes, he loves taking showers with me, although i have NEVER figured out how he keeps the soap out of his eyes the way he loves to run up and down the tub….hahahaha….. he sleeps with me, but he gets down while i’m asleep and gets into stuff… uses his litterbox vigilantly….. walks on a leash…. you name it…… loves bananas….. All my neighbors and friends know him personally….. he loves to get out and see people….and he has never bitten anything except himself in his life…lol.
    it takes a special person to bond with some animals…… it is a blessing to watch you and Cap in action…. guess you had your reservations when you got him, but anyone can see that it sure has paid off……i just wish your family, you and him the best…… I really want to see him on “Pet Star” next……. Mel, you rock. (Approved 2010/04/25)

    (MDT – Your ferret sounds like a great pet!)

  • rucola

    Love it! This is definitely the most peaceful seen I’ve ever seen!!!!!! Thanks, especially after I had a bad day… (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Caplin,

    You are absolutely beyond adorable. (Approved 2010/04/25)

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