Earth Day 2010

Me, my owner and some of the kids

Me, my owner and some of the kids

If you know me, you know I take my job as Capybara Ambassador pretty seriously. And I should, it is a very important position. I have a big responsibility to capybaras and rodents throughout the world to represent them well and to make sure people like us and appreciate us. There couldn’t be a more appropriate day for that than Earth Day, especially this year since it was the 40th anniversary of the dedication of a day to our beautiful planet. Continue reading “Earth Day 2010” »


Me, my owner and some of the kids


僕のことを知っている人たちは、「カピバラ大使」の仕事をどんなに大切に思ってるか、わかってるよね。だって、とても大事な役割なんだから。世界中のカピバラとネズミが、人間と仲良くできるように、代表としてがんばってるんだ。その仕事をするには、この美しい惑星のために貢献している「地球の日」がぴったりだと思うし、とくに今年は40周年記念だから、なおさらね。 Continue reading “地球の日” »