Capulet, the Stuffed Capybara

Sheldon put Capulet on my back

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being Capybara Ambassador is the best job in the world. I get to go places and meet all kinds of interesting people and teach them about capybaras and rodents in general. It’s great fun. This week was a little different though, one of my internet friends, Michelle, actually came to visit me at my house. That has only happened once before when my friend Rezoner come over.

The funny thing about the visit with Rezoner and this visit with Michelle is that they both brought capybara stuffed animals with them! Rezoner brought Carpincho who has since gone to live in Russia. Michelle brought a much larger capybara toy named Capulet. You can see how big he is in the photo above where Sheldon insisted he should ride on my back. Of course that did not work.

Before Michelle came over, she told my owner and my owner told me that Capulet was “life-sized.” Everyone was so excited to see a life-sized stuffed capybara! We know there is one in Japan (see how cute here) and my owner really wants to get one of those, but we’d never heard of any stuffed animal capybaras available in the US. Even Carpincho was made in England. Anyway, Capulet is not life-sized unless he is a midget capybara or one of those half-sized ones from Panama, but he was still pretty cute.

Me walking with Michelle out to the Front 15

When Michelle came over, we all (me, my owner, Michelle, Sheldon and Capulet) went for a walk out to the Front 15. I’m afraid my owner is not yet over her obsession with bluebonnet photos. Every time we go on a walk it’s, “Caplin, go sit in the bluebonnets. Caplin, walk through those flowers over there.” Bluebonnets are not edible so this seems like a stupid thing to do to me. I’d rather walk in the nice, tasty grass.

Me with Capulet in the bluebonnets

There was nothing to do except humor her though so Capulet and I struck up a conversation out in the flowers. You can see both how large and how small he is from the photo above. His head is almost the same size as mine but he can hardly see over the flowers.

Michelle feeding me blueberries

A funny thing about bluebonnets is that, despite their name, they are not the source of the delicious blueberries that I love so much. Luckily, Michelle brought a box with her as a present for me.

Grazing with Capulet

We stayed out a long time and Capulet and I did get some good grazing in. I think the reason he is so small is because he hardly ate anything and that was prime, green spring grass. He’s a finicky eater for sure.

In case you are wondering, Capulet was made by Michelle’s sister and is not available in any store. That’s too bad because he is a pretty good rendition of a capybara. His feet are especially realistic.

Here’s a link to a cute, small, soft capybara available in the UK. It is not like either Capulet or Carpincho.

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