More Sad News From Venezuela

Seems that this year there was a bumper “crop” of capybaras killed for consumption during the Catholic Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter. Link to article in Spanish.

Of course I hate the idea of anyone deliberately harming one of my relatives. It is actually hard to imagine since my owner loves me so much and I have so many adoring fans from all of the world. How could anyone do this to us? And worse is that this is not being done in a “sustainable” way. Larger human populations mean smaller habitats for wild animals and more demand for us as food and leather. Venezuela is squandering its natural heritage and that makes me so sad I can hardly eep.

Thank you to Yole from Venezuela for sending me this link, proof that many Venezuelans really do care about capybaras.

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  • Dawn

    Hello Cappy,

    I’m so sorry to hear this.
    What can we do as American citizens to help? (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Ratfancy

    Caplin – over the past few months you have made my life so joyful! I hate the thought that any relie is suffering a short-lived existance. You are an inspiration! (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • caplinsbiggestfan

    my friend said she wanted a capybara she was so obsessed with them i looked up capybaras on youtube and clicked on the video of you on ur slide in the slien costume best vid yet im working on watching all 102 vids of you on youtube i think im your biggest fan i love rodents i have a lil one myself named oreo he is a panda bear hamster one of the rarest breeds of the teddy bear hamster and when i saw caplin i was like thts like a giant hamster tht can sleep with me in my bed!!!! luv u always caplin! and il send you guys a pic of my little oreo or a video my youtube account name is ashanatorproductions (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • Lola

    Aww, I’m sorry to hear about this, Caplin! Ben and I were horrified to find out that cuy (guinea pig) is also approved by the Catholic Church to eat on Fridays during Lent. There was a large painting of “The Last Supper” in one of the historic cathedrals that we visited in Peru, and in it, there was a large roast guinea pig sitting on the plate in front of Jesus 🙁 (Approved 2010/04/25)

  • laurenlovescaplin

    This news makes me very upset. Are cpys endangered? What can i do to help? (Approved 2010/04/27)

    (MDT – Capybaras are a “Species of Least Concern” according to the IUCN. They have a large range and are still plentiful in some locations, however over hunting has completely removed them from large areas. This has been happening in Venezuela and now will most likely continue.)

  • karolina

    yes is very sad on venezuela eat the chiguires..but some people care about them,,,

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