Memorable Memorial Day

Sunset at Capybara Creek

This was a long weekend here in the US, something called “Memorial Day.” It’s supposed to honor veterans and soldiers killed in the service of this country. I guess that sounds like a good idea, I mean those people are real heroes, but wouldn’t a better idea be not to have any wars? Maybe if everyone just took it easy they way they do on Memorial Day weekend all the time, we wouldn’t need a Memorial Day. Or at least we wouldn’t have to keep remembering new people. We should probably go ahead and remember all the people who already served and died. Just my humble capybara opinion.

My owner and I mostly followed my advice this weekend and took it easy. The photo above is an example of that. One evening we went on a long walk but only got as far as the dirt road. I kept dragging my owner back toward the creek but for some reason she wanted to go to the Front 15. Needless to say, I won. I can be very persuasive (by that I mean persistent). I spent a good 45 mins just rolling around in the mud and eating mats of algae. That stuff is surprisingly good.

We also spent a bit of time chillaxing on the front porch.

Frozen blueberries can take the bite out of a hot day

Some of you may know that my owner is a writer. She likes to sit on the porch and write while I get a little treat or sleep in my bed. Now that Maple Bunny is living with us, she usually hangs out too.

Maple on the front porch

It’s hard to get a photo of Maple that isn’t just her nose. She is a real camera hog.

But the weekend wasn’t all play. My owner cleaned out my pool on Saturday. Then she filled it back up on Sunday. And then Monday, well, that was the best! My owner and I went swimming together for the first time this year!

My owner fed me a popsicle in the pool.

Those of you who know me will recognize the classic pose above. Yup, that’s me doing my tap-a-tap-a trick in order to get a popsicle. Sadly, when I bit into it a large chunk broke off and sank to the bottom of the pool. I looked for it later but it was nowhere to be found. And anyways, I thought ice was supposed to float!

My whiskers have never looked so beautiful.

You really need to click on the photo above and view it full-sized. My whiskers are totally awesome in that photo! I look like a cactus.

I'm pretty sure my nose isn't actually this large.

Then my owner did one of those shots where you hold the camera at arm’s length and just hope someone is in the picture. Look at how great it turned out!

I was so happy to have my owner in the pool that I kissed her!

My owner always says that she thinks I’m going to bite her when I do that. That’s crazy talk, I have never converted a kiss into a bite. At least not yet.

I love my owner.

One of the great things about my pool is my pool table. My pool table makes it so I can sit or lie down and be partially submerged. I can do that for hours. Sometimes I even leave room for my owner to get on the table with me. But sometimes I don’t.

The cool water feels wonderful on a hot day.

The highs were in the mid-90s at my house all weekend and there is really nothing better for hot weather than cool water. Sure in the winter I take warm baths in the house and that’s great but it just doesn’t compare with a swim in the pool on a hot summer day.

5 comments to Memorable Memorial Day

  • Ivy (& Logan)

    Hey Caplin! Glad you had a good memorial day! Logan the Marmoset could not agree more about a nice swim in a pool! I got to go swimming for the very first time today! Just thought I would share!
    (Approved: 2010/06/01)

    (Logan is absolutely adorable! Great photo. I hope everyone will follow the link.)

  • Lynn Marcotte

    Thank you these pics were all just fantabulous!!! (Approved: 2010/06/01)

  • Dawn

    Hi Cappy,

    Glad to see you keeping cool!
    You are, as usual, JUST ADORABLE.
    What is your favorite food and does it differ from summer months to winter months?

    We love you here in Cleveland!!
    Go Cappy..
    Love Always,
    (Approved: 2010/06/08)

    My favorite food is frozen yogurt popsicles. But I am fickle and next week it could be something else.

  • cc

    I Love all the pics! Especially of the ones of you giving kissess and you lounging on your pool table. Your human was smart to think of that. I REALLY like the rotating pics at the top of the blog. I can just click and then I can see another pic. I’ve even seen some I’ve never seen before. You are the cutest thing. I wish I could be a capybara person but alas, it’s not to be. So I just come here and read about your fun adventures with your very nice human and look at all the cool, sweet pictures.

    Hope you are having a fun summer cappy.
    (Approved: 2010/06/22)
    My owner is going to put some new photos into the rotation. Watch for them.

  • Tom Smith

    Caplin, you’re a true patriot.

    American soldiers have fought thru the centuries for you to take a bath in a mudy creek and eat algae.

    God Bless America!!

    God Bless Caplin Rous!!
    (Approved: 2010/09/03)

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