#1 エーリアン・カプリン

#2 ねむそうなカピバラ





Plush Caplin Rous?

#1) Alien Caplin

#2) Sleepy 'bara

I am thinking of getting a plush toy version of me made. So far I’m considering one of two designs, as shown above. But this is not an inexpensive proposition to get a toy designed and the minimum order is 500 units. Before my owner and I do any of that, we thought we’d get the opinion of the fans to see if they are interested and what they would prefer if we choose to go ahead with this project.

Can you please answer the poll on the right side-bar and indicate whether you would be interested in a toy, which one and how much you might pay? We’ll leave the poll open until July 21st so you have some time to think.

Please post a comment if you have any insights or suggestions.  For example, would a beanie baby be okay or should it be a real plush toy? Is there some other drawing of me or pose that you think would work better?


I Had a Dream

My co-pets, Proton and Neutron

When I blogged about my new co-pets a little while ago, I didn’t mention the hamsters. That’s because I knew they would eventually deserve a blog of their own. There are two of them and their names are Proton and Neutron. They are robo-hamsters. I have no idea why they are called that. Continue reading “I Had a Dream” »




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友達の Neighboring Wild (@nbwild)が、このブログへのリンク a link を送ってくれたんだけど、カピバラや他の動物が、「セレストと巨大なネズミ」の本を読んでるんだ・・・すごいでしょ!かわいいハリーが写真に写ってるよね。僕みたいに、前髪に突っ立ったところがあるんだね。まだ小さいから、飼育員さんが本を読んでやってるよね。小さい子が一人で本を読むのはちょっとむりかな。


「セレストと巨大なネズミ」の本は、アマゾンAmazon の、ここhereで買えるので、忘れないでね。