友達の Neighboring Wild (@nbwild)が、このブログへのリンク a link を送ってくれたんだけど、カピバラや他の動物が、「セレストと巨大なネズミ」の本を読んでるんだ・・・すごいでしょ!かわいいハリーが写真に写ってるよね。僕みたいに、前髪に突っ立ったところがあるんだね。まだ小さいから、飼育員さんが本を読んでやってるよね。小さい子が一人で本を読むのはちょっとむりかな。


「セレストと巨大なネズミ」の本は、アマゾンAmazon の、ここhereで買えるので、忘れないでね。

Capybaras in Japan are Reading Celeste!

Harry the Capybara

I was so excited when my friend Neighboring Wild (@nbwild) sent me a link to his blog showing capybaras and other animals reading my book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster! Look how cute little Harry is in the photo above. He even has a little tuft of hair on his forehead just like I do! Of course he’s still a baby so the zookeeper has to read the book to him. Plus it might be scary a little for a baby capybara to read alone.

The blog is in Japanese but even if you don’t understand the words, the photos are priceless.

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