I Had a Dream

My co-pets, Proton and Neutron

When I blogged about my new co-pets a little while ago, I didn’t mention the hamsters. That’s because I knew they would eventually deserve a blog of their own. There are two of them and their names are Proton and Neutron. They are robo-hamsters. I have no idea why they are called that.

Proton, Neutron and I are so different thtat it is hard to believe that hamsters and capybaras are both rodents. It’s not just that I am large and they are tiny (and ZOMG they are tiny!).  The most amazingly different thing about them is their constant activity. Seriously, what is up with that? In my book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster, my owner wrote about a dwarf hamster that was constantly running in its wheel. I thought she was making that up! But no, those hamsters are constantly running in their wheels. I mean always. They make quite a racket.

When Proton and Neutron aren’t in their wheels, they are running around in hamster balls.

Neutron in her hamster ball

They each have their own hamster ball and they roll around the floor like maniacs when my owner lets them. I’m glad they have theballs, even though they run into me from time to time, because otherwise I might step on them and that would be bad.

The thing about all this running around is that it makes a lot of noise. It makes noise while I am sleeping on my windowsill. It makes noise while I am sleeping on my bed in the family room. It makes noise while I am sleeping on my couch. Lots and lots of noise. They’re running and I’m sleeping, which is okay.

The thing is, all that noise and all that running gave me my first nightmare! I had a terrible, terrible dream that I was the one doing all the running and making all the noise!

My first nightmare

It was a horrible dream. I know I look content in the photo but that is just a recreation of the event. In real life I was twitching and thrashing and I’m pretty sure I did not have that serene look on my face. I was still upset when I woke up. My owner gave me some mango yogurt which helped but I didn’t really calm down until I searched the whole house and made sure there was no giant capybara-sized rodent ball hidden in a closet or something. I am never, ever going to run like I did in that dream. Never.

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