Is that supposed to be me?

I wonder if y’all have been as anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new plush version of me as I have. Ever since my owner told me it was in the mail, I have been waiting and waiting and then waiting some more for the FedEx guy to deliver a package just for me.

As it turns out, the package wasn’t addressed to me, it was addressed to my owner. Isn’t that just the way of the world? It’s hard for a capybara to be taken seriously these days. So then I had to wait even longer for my owner to get home from work and open it.

You could just feel the excitement in the air. I couldn’t keep myself from eeping. And then the box was open! My owner reached in and pulled out a plastic bag… She reached into the bag and…

And I’ll tell you what, I have never been so outraged! I’ve been called a peccary, a fish, a wombat and a kookaburra but I’ve never been called whatever that hideous thing is that she pulled out of that box! Do you see it? It’s right there in the photo at the top of this post. That….thing…. is supposed to be a cute plush version of me. Maybe I’m blind, but I do not see the resemblance.

Plush Caplin Rous prototype

What happened to the cute version from the photo above? Exactly how does that hideous thing they sent resemble that cute photo of the prototype? I just don’t know what to think or do!

Luckily my owner is more level-headed than I am. She says it must be some sort of mistake. Somewhere, someone opened a box containing that adorable stuffed me instead of that hideous monster. They are probably snuggling it right now! Probably they are not the least bit mad or disappointed. Probably they are planning on keeping plush me for themselves while all we can think about is getting that–I don’t know what to call it–out of our house.

Oh, I so hope this doesn’t mean a big delay in getting the real plush me! My little heart can’t take much more of this.

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