Capybara Clown

Capybara Clown

See that photo above? It’s me as a clown. I’m seriously thinking of running away and joining the circus. I think I would be a big hit. The star attraction!

You might be wondering where I got this idea. Well, I have a friend named Jessi and she works for Ringling Brothers Circus! She is about the nicest person I know (okay, I do know a lot of nice people so there is a major traffic jam of people vying for the top spot). Jessi is a veterinary technician so she makes sure all the animals are healthy and happy. When she met me, she made me happy. I was already healthy but I didn’t get sick and that’s a good sign.

Oh, the people in the photo above are Monica (Philip’s spouse), Celeste (Philip’s kid), my owner (Philip’s mother) and a real circus clown! I am just photoshopped in because Jessi said I would scare the elephants. That’s so strange, don’t you think? But I hear elephants are afraid of rodents.

Apparently my owner and her family did not scare the elephants because they came home with this photo of all of them petting a 42-year-old Asian elephant with the locality name of Asia. That’s a big continent  but apparently Asia is a big elephant.

My owner and family with scardy-cat elephant Asia

Not everyone who goes to the circus gets to pet the elephants (or the zebras for that matter) but Jessi took them on a behind-the-scenes tour and they got to see how all the circus animals live. My owner was really impressed with how nice and clean everything was and what good shape all the animals were in. So that’s a plus in case I really do decide to become a clown.

Elephants at work

The elephants in the photo above look like they are having a lot of fun. I’m not sure what an elephant smile looks like but they look pretty happy to me. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to do that with a bunch of capybaras because we capys are a bit territorial.

Walking tiger

My owner said she couldn’t get good photos of the tigers performing because it was too dark but she did capture this one walking on his hind legs. I can do that! I’m telling you, I am perfect for the circus.

The next day I got to meet Jessi myself.

Me walking in the park with Jessi

You can see what a nice smile she has. She was even able to persuade me to walk down this steep hillside.

Me, Jessi and Sheldon

I have to admit that the little creek at the bottom was probably all the incentive I needed.

I really liked meeting Jessi and I hope to get to see her again when the circus comes back to Austin. That won’t be for another two years so I’ll have that long to practice my act before I have to audition.

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  • pattie

    Caplin, the circus could be fun, but wouldn’t you get homesick? Plus, it’s a lot of hard work!
    (Approved: 2010/08/26)
    You are probably right. I’m a pretty lazy capybara.

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