Capybara on the Counter

Me on the bathroom counter

It’s been really hot this summer and so that means I’ve been spending a lot of time in my swimming pool. But sometimes five hours a day just isn’t enough and I feel like I need a bath in the morning too. I’m sure you’ve all seen my bathtub video, right?

Well, next to the bathtub is the bathroom counter and the sink. That is where my owner brushes her teeth in the morning. Usually I get three little dabs of toothpaste, which is delicious frothy-mintness. My owner says I cannot have more than three dabs because toothpaste isn’t good for me. That is crazy talk. You want to know just how crazy it is? You’re not going to believe this but she spits the toothpaste out instead of eating it! What a waste.

Anyway, the point is that on this particular morning I was busy rolling around in the tub while my owner was brushing her teeth and so I wasn’t there to get my three dabs like I’m supposed to. When I realized what happened, I was quite upset. My owner said she had moved on and toothpaste time was over. There was nothing to do but take matters into my own paws.

Who is that handsome animal?

I got a little distracted by a very handsome capybara who seemed to have the exact same idea I had at exactly the same time. Funny, I’d never seen him in the bathroom before. But then I realized it was just me and I don’t mind saying, I was pretty impressed.

But things weren’t working out. I found the tube of toothpaste but I couldn’t get it out. Instead of helping me, my owner ran to get her camera (that happens a lot). She took a video of my terrible plight.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally my owner said she would give me the toothpaste but I had to get off the counter and out of the sink.

Me vacating the sink/counter area

That’s pretty much the whole story. I got my toothpaste and everyone was happy. The moral here for you pets is keep an eye on your owner! Don’t let them do fun things without you and, if they do, make sure you get your share of the fun later.

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