How I Spent My Saturday

Me with Milana

There’s so much going on in my life now that I just have to share it with my fans! Well, I guess some of you have more interesting and exciting lives but I do pretty well for a capybara.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about the wonderful day I had yesterday. It started out with my usual popsicle on the porch with my owner first thing in the morning. I think I had blueberry. Maple was there too and she even hopped into my bed with me after I settled in for my morning siesta.

A little later Sheldon came over and the three of us–me, Sheldon and my owner–headed off to Chipotle down on Brodie Lane in Austin. It is one of our favorite eating places because they have a nice outdoor covered eating area that’s got a little fence so I can roam around more freely.

I so wish I could meet all of my fans from all over the world but I am happy to meet those I can. On Saturday I met a whole bunch of them. In the photo above, you see me with Milana. She is a very nice fan and luckily for both of us, she lives in Austin. She has two pet guinea pigs but they didn’t get to come because it was too hot for piglins. I can take the hot weather but my little relatives cannot. I guess it’s all that fur. Anyway, don’t you think that’s a cute photo of me with Milana? It really shows off my nose. And I am wearing my new orange bandana that Nic gave me for my birthday. Milana reminds me a little bit of a guinea pig. I mean,  I don’t think she should stay out in the sun too much.

Me with Janice and Sam

My new fan Janice was there with her family too. In the photo above you can see her with son Sam posing for a photo being taken by her husband, Matt. Only my owner distracted Sam so probably Matt’s photo didn’t turn out that well. I was posing quite nicely, as you can see. Janice said she has always loved capybaras (and I think Sam has too) but only just learned about me. That’s odd because I am the World’s Most Famous Capybara.

Milana feeding me Janice's homemade yogurt

Janice has two dogs and she makes them special homemade yogurt. She made some for me too, mango/banana. That sounds like a delicious flavor but she seemed to have missed that fact that I have a serious sweet tooth. And I wasn’t actually hungry when we were at Chipotle. At home my owner sweetened it up and I ate a bunch of it. Thanks Janice!

Sam pretending to be a capybara

I think the photo above is a cute shot of Sam pretending to be a capybara. At least I think that is what he is doing.

Other friends who met me at Chipotle were Elizabeth and her daughter Clarissa, both of whom I’ve known all my life, and Snoot Comer and his son Hank. Neglectfully, my owner did not get any good photos of them.

When we got home, my owner said it was too hot to go down to the creek and there isn’t much water anyway. She said we had to go swimming in the pool instead. So that’s what we did.

YouTube Preview Image

I really love when Sheldon does that little dance with me. It has a hypnotic effect. I do like to bite things when I’m trying to get in a good position so he really should wear something biteable.

Lastly, here is an update on the plush version of me. My owner got this photo of the prototype and we are both thinking it is totally adorable!

Plush Caplin Rous prototype

We are going to make a couple of changes: the feet will probably be a darker gray, the small toes on the front feet need to be on the outside of the foot, and my butt needs to be filled out a little more. Let me know what you think! Is this something you’d buy for around $15? It should be available in a couple of months but I will keep y’all posted on any developments. When we get the actual prototype, my owner will take photos of me with it and that is going to be just too cute to talk about. When they’re ready I’ll have a link on how to buy one on this blog.

14 comments to How I Spent My Saturday

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Caplin Rous, JeanieAnn. JeanieAnn said: Thank you! 🙂 RT @CaplinROUS New blog post: How I Spent My Saturday […]
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)

  • I’d love to have a capybara all my own – even if he is stuffed!
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)

  • Kristy

    Awww Those were great pictures of you at Chipotle and I love the video of you & Sheldon swimming! I actually showed that to all my family (I always do when you have a new video up) but this time even my in-laws got to see how handsome you are and also how good of a swimmer. 😉
    And yes!!! I want a couple of the plush you.
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)

  • Lisa Baker

    Very nice pictures! It is so great that you can go so many places and meet fans. Way to go Sheldon on the video. I really like the Caplin Prototype and can;t wait to see the newer tweaked on. You certainly have a busy life Caplin!
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)

  • Marilee Shelton

    These pics are terrific! Makes me want to come soooo bad. Hate it that Florida is so far away from Texas. Like i’ve said in the past, though, Melanie…. if you EVER come here, you,yours,and Caplin ALWAYS have a place at my house and in my enclosed pool room and pool…. you’re such a nice friend, and i love talking to you every chance we get. Big hugs and give Caplin another kiss for me. 😀
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)
    We love you too, Marilee!

  • Milana Trachtenberg

    You’re very right Caplin–I never realized how pale I was until I saw these pictures
    (Approved: 2010/08/01)

  • Erika

    I really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and the video about your Saturday, Caplin! You always make me smile!! I cannot wait for the plush Caplin!! Love you, Cutie!!
    (Approved: 2010/08/02)

  • Teresa

    Caplin, Caplin, Caplin, you’re just too cute for words! I’ll definitely be buying a stuffed Caplin when it’s available!
    (Approved: 2010/08/02)

  • Sheldon

    Your owner Melanie should’ve taken some photos of us when we took a walk around the complex and to the pool store! That turtle floating in the background was pretty cute in the video.
    (Approved: 2010/08/03)

  • you entertain me soooooo much Caplin, and I love you for it.
    (Approved: 2010/08/04)

  • pattie

    Caplin, I so enjoy your blog and videos! I’d love to meet you someday. New York is very far from Texas!
    (Approved: 2010/08/03)
    Wish I could meet all of my fans!

  • Alex

    Caplin, about your prototype: i think that the face should be less wide and more high. Like if you squeeze it from sidez and expand up and down. And it does not reflect your philosophical expression, i regret to say. If you allow me, I would say that your plush capibara (=carpincho) has more authentic facial expression.
    (Approved: 2010/08/04)

  • Nic

    Hi Caplin, Its me Nic. I’m working on the second part of the comic strip and I saw the plushy toy. When I heard you were making motifications on the toy so I think all it should have is an orange bandana, shorter toes, smaller eyes, and the ears lower down the head. I hope the changes are made soon cause I sure want one that bad, like you want the comic. And august 29th is my birthday so can I have the party with you? Please…? See you later…BYE!!!!
    (Approved: 2010/08/07)
    Nic, send me a email with the date and location of your party. I’m not saying we’ll make it but we’ll at least think about it. I do not usually go to parties.

  • Carl

    Which one of Sheldon’s many suitors gave him that necklace?
    (Approved: 2010/08/08)

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