Comic Capybara (Part 2)

Nic Lara, me and my owner in July

Some of you may remember that my good friend Nic Lara gave me a variety of wonderful gift for my third birthday. He gave me that gorgeous orange bandanna, a tasty tub of spinach and an amazing comic strip about me and a toad named Berman. Well, the comic, done by Nic himself, was only the first installment of the story. I am so happy to tell y’all that Nic has sent me Part 2!

You can read Part 1 here. To sum it up, Birman and I steal an ice cream cart so that we can eat all the ice cream. I think it was Berman’s idea…I’m just saying. Well, Nic has finished the story with the two panels you see below. Isn’t he creative? I love how clever he made me. I like to think I would be smart enough to do what the comic Caplin does.

Part 1 of Part 2

Part 1 of Part 2

Part 2 of Part 2

Even if the elevator hadn’t been broken, I’m not sure I know how to use one of those things. I’ve only been in one a couple of times and my owner or Sheldon always pushed the buttons. It was very heroic how I rescued Bermin, wasn’t it?

Thanks Nic! I love your comics. Someday you are going to be a famous comic strip writer/illustrator or whatever it is they are called. Graphic artist?

3 comments to Comic Capybara (Part 2)

  • Erika

    That is so Awesome!! Nic is going to be famous, I agree!
    (Approved: 2010/09/04)

  • Lissa

    I think Nic really likes you, Caplin. =) You’ve got a friend for life there. I hope you return the favor and give him a tub of spinach or something equally nifty for his birthday.
    (Approved: 2010/09/04)

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