Me and Plush Me

Me and Plush Me

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Plush me finally came and he is just the cutest thing ever! Do you see him up there next to me? Don’t we look alike? We are twins, practically, except for the size difference. Come to think of it, he is about the size I was when my owner got me. Can you believe that? I was that small! But I weighed a whole lot more, plush me is as light as a feather. And he’s as soft as one too, which is nice but not very realistic.

We're both wearing bandannas

Our ears look alike. Our noses are alike. Do you see our feet? His feet are just like mine, more-or-less, but if you focus on the more part they’re just alike.

I have a twin

But what is his name? My owner said we were going to name him Tsudoh, inspired by Papua Piig’s plush self who is name Decoy. But I decided I don’t like Tsudoh. I don’t even like Pseudo.  I kind-of like Dobby Jr, or Dobbye, both after my little brother. Then there’s Caplincito. Or Cappers. Or Caplite. This is what I know, he has to have a name as cute as he is. Maybe my readers can help me pick something?

His balance isn't very good.

I guess everyone knows that my owner is going to have a whole bunch of mini-me’s made and sell them all but this one. We just have to figure out how many to order. She is going to try to take the two of us around to some possible sales outlets this weekend to see if anyone is interested in carrying mini-me. The minimum order is 500 so we have to sell quite a few. Then we will take over the world!

I’ll post more photos and details later, I just wanted to get this blog out as soon as possible.

Name is decided!

Capycoppy after both me (he’s my copy) and my idol, Capyboppy.

13 comments to Me and Plush Me

  • Capy, you look so cute, and I just LOVE your mini-me! How can we order some?! I want to put them inside my new mug and give them as gifts! ( Best of luck to you and Congratulations! Love, Spock

  • Lola

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a mini-Caplin! The company really did a nice job with him. I think that this version is the best one yet.

    I’ve been promising my plush guinea pig Cuy for months that we would get a plush capybara friend for him (I think that he’s been feeling a little displaced ever since we adopted a pair of live guinea pigs). Cuy has been trying to convince me to name ours “Ronsoco,” which is the Peruvian word for capybara (Cuy is the Peruvian word for guinea pig).

    Some other South American names for capybaras include: Carpincho, Poncho, Piro-Piro and Chigüire. I think that Poncho and Carpincho would both make good plush capybara names.

  • So adorable, Caplin. Almost as cute as you.

  • Milana

    Melanie, you should see if Toy Joy in Austin would sell them. I’m sure if there was an event with Caplin, you’d sell quite a few!

  • Petraneferu

    Oh, Caplin, please sell the plush-yous online! I really want one, and since I can’t have a Real You, I need a plush version! 🙂

  • Shari Kaplan

    The plush you is SQUEEFULLY CUTE! 😀 I definitely want to order one (or two). I haven’t been to your Facebook page in a few days so I’ll have to check and see if there’s ordering info there. If not, please let your loyal fans know how to order. <3 I only wish my rattums Blueberry & Jellybean were still alive. *sigh* I would've loved taking pix of them interacting w/ the plush you and sharing the pix! Then again, they were typical male rats (big, lazy, squishy cuddlebugs) so the most "interaction" with them would probably be them sniffing you and then lying down next to you for a snooze! LOL!

    Hugs from Shari in California 🙂

  • It came out great! And to think the same company made that blue monster. It doesn’t seem possible.
    I think you should name it Captain, after our grandpa! It would be our baby grandpa! If they sell like hotcakes, will you have to change the name to Hotcake?
    You could make a cute little ad I could put on my blog and facebook page. I bet a lot of your fans would put a link on their pages for you.

  • Lynn Marcotte

    Don’t know who or where it was mentioned but Copycap sounds pretty good to me!

  • Joann

    I like the name “Caplin.” That is what everyone will call their own plushy when they get one. I don’t think it is vanity…simply practicality.
    What better name for mini-you?

  • Smalltown Mom

    I LOVE him!

  • Erika

    I cannot wait to have my very own Caplin to snuggle with me!!

  • O_Fla

    Oh, it is cute! I would order one at least; three if they are not too expensive including overseas postage. 🙂 (one for each kid!)


  • Alex

    Where, where, where??? Where to order?

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