20/20 Hindsight

Me and HP with Me and HP on TV

What a relief that 20/20 appearance is behind me (literally in the photo above). It was so stressful not knowing if they were going to portray me in a good light or not. Sure I’m ultra-adorable but I do have my dark side.

The best part of the whole show was the scene where Hello Pineapple, aka HP, was sitting on my head. She is the best and cutest guinea pig. Not many of her species would be willing to take such a precarious position. In general, guinea pigs are a little afraid of heights.

I also liked how John Berman showed a healthy respect for my teeth. It wasn’t quite as exaggerated as his reaction to Wildthing, the bison from north Texas, it was just in proportion to my size.

I was disappointed that Capycoppy didn’t show up except as backdrop in the above shot. And they didn’t really show me swimming which is where I show off my true grace and agility. Well, you can’t have everything and, on the whole, I think the show did a pretty good job of showing how cute and smart we capybaras are.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it, you can find it here or here. I am at the very end. I don’t know why I am on with bullying. That is an important topic to be sure but I would hate to have anyone (other than Coral) associate me with being a bully.

Anyway, drop me a comment and let me know what you think, especially about who is cuter, me, the bison or John Berman.

18 comments to 20/20 Hindsight

  • Loved your show…partial to capys..John as quite nice to look at too. Thought you did a great job..congrats…I loved it Caplin

  • Bailee martin

    You are definitley the cutest!! Loved the show and my favorite part was learning about you, caplin ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

  • Nina 9a "Piggy Mama"

    I think they should have done 40 minutes with YOU, and then the sort time with Wildthing. I loved seeing you!

  • Lissa

    Mr. Rous, you are the cutest. However, I do have to admit John Berman is following closely behind. He’s almost as handsome but his whiskers aren’t as long. LOL

    You aren’t a bully to Coral. She deserved those bites. Besides, you just nibbled a little bit. Not like you took off limbs!

  • Robyn

    Maybe… The story about the Bison and then you, was linked to being tolerant of people who are different…. Even people with “different” types of pets !!!!?

  • Michele

    Caplin, you were fantastic! And so cute and charming. It was a great show. What’s your favorite popsicle flavor?

  • Coral

    Caplin IS a bully! Thanks for the support, Lissa. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, are we all going to take John out on a date or what?

  • pattie

    you were great Caplin & Better looking than John ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It sounds great, well done! I can’t watch it though as I’m in the UK, so I’m feeling a bit sad. Is it possible to put a universal version on Youtube? (Not sure about the technology of it, and there are probably copyrights involved..) Well, at least I got to read about it. You are a superstar Capybara. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dobby

    Caplin, you are a credit to the species!

  • Cheryl

    I like how they made sure they showcased your noises! I did like how with both your owner and Wildthing’s owner they showed how much the both of you are loved and both owners acknowledged that there is special care required.

  • Joann

    I thought you did great. I did tell my folks (who were also watching) about your pool and Capybara Creek and all that. I also pointed out Capycopy on the sofa!

    As for the bullying segment, I think it was important given what has been going on here in the US. I think ABC probably aired your segment at the end as a somewhat lighter counterpoint to a more serious, heavy topic. I am glad that they put you in the preview though…I originally thought that the 9 pm segment was a rerun, so was only going to tune in at 10. Glad I checked.

    Love ya, Caplin (and Hello Pineapple!)

  • Lynn Marcotte

    I thought it was great but of course WHOLE hour would have been too little for me but as others have said the bullying part very important!
    Too bad I can’t swear here because I sure did when I saw it!

    As for the looks:
    3- Who???

    PS I find your “Coral” comments quite entertaining!

  • Lynn Marcotte

    PPS How come Coral is the only one showing pic????

  • Amy

    Caplin, I loved seeing you on 20/20 and before the show I didn’t even know your breed existed. You’re so cute! It kind of made me want one just like you. However, we just got our first bunny so we’ll see how that goes before we take on bigger creatures!! You did great!! I’m following you on Twitter so I hope to read more about you! Thanks for sharing your life story with us!

  • coral

    Lynn, wordpress got my picture a long time ago. I don’t remember how. I also don’t remember how to change it. Whatever.

  • Jessica

    absolutly gorgeous !! cutest pet I’ve ever seen anyone have, wee darling !!

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