Remember my first contest, Putting Caplin Rous is My Life? It was about photoshopping me into a photo with you. I got a lot of really great entries but the problem was that not everyone has a good photo editor. All this time I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for those people who can’t make an image of me with them. I know almost everyone wants to.

But looky-here! Sam Becker, an ardent rodent enthusiast, has created an application for iPhones that lets you put a wide variety of rodents into your life. And guess what! One of those rodents is me! See the above image made with Rodent Draw? That cute capybara on the bottom left is me! The other rodents are a flying squirrel, a prairie dog, a mouse, a guinea pig, a chinchilla, a hamster and a chipmunk. Inexplicably, there is also a ferret.

Rodent Draw creation by Kotaro Yokoyama

The photo above is by my friend Kotaro Yokoyama. He took the original photo (on the left) and used Rodent Draw to insert me. It came out pretty well! I am glad I’m not really there though because there is no place to swim in that photo and the grass looks very sparse.

I realize this doesn’t solve everyone’s problems because probably most people don’t have iPhones (my owner for instance), but it is a start.

As a disclaimer, I have never tried Rodent Draw, I don’t know Sam Becker outside of a couple of emails and I am not being compensated in any way for mentioning his application here. I just thought it was neat and it was also nice of Sam to ask permission to use my photo, which doesn’t always happen.

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