Second to One

Me, Hello Pineapple and Capycoppy at the costume contest

Today, for the fourth year in a row, I participated in the PetCo Howl-o-ween Costume Contest. It seems strange that I have been in the contest for four years when I am only three years old but that’s the way it works sometimes.

The photo above shows the wonderful costumes made for us by Mansie OLeary. I wrote about that here and I suggest your follow that link because there are some really cute photos there. In case you’re too lazy to follow the link, the three of us are dressed as Whos from the Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears a Who.

As you can see, this year I had a seriously cute costume PLUS I had Hello Pineapple and Capycoppy to help me. I have to say, I was a little cocky when I strolled up to the door of the PetCo, stopping traffic as I went.

But then I saw that this year the competition was pretty steep!

Two of my dog competitors

The dog in the background of that shot is dressed as Marvin the Martian. He got 3rd place. The cute little dog in the adorable firefighter outfit didn’t even win anything!

A bee?

I think this little dog was supposed to be a bee. Whether or not that’s true, it was a pretty cute costume. Again, this dog didn’t even get an honorable mention!

Popcorn dog

Who would have thought of dressing their dog up as a box of popcorn! Isn’t that clever? But this dog didn’t win anything either! That is just how tough the competition was.

On the runway

And look at this! This year they had a runway. I had to climb up there and walk around. I didn’t trust my footing and kept looking down, which made it hard for Hello Pineapple to maintain her perch. She’s a real trouper though and didn’t complain at all.

On the runway

I even let my owner put the spats Mansie made for me on me without trying to bite her and then I wore them the whole time. Hello Pineapple had to dismount though because she got scared from all the limelight and attention.

I wish we had more photos of the other dogs and stuff but both my owner and Sheldon were incompetent today. My owner got so frazzled she completely forgot to bring her camera. If you know her at all, you know that is very, very unusual. Sheldon brought his camera but forgot to charge the battery. That is typical. So they had to be very careful how many photos they took.


The above photo shows me with Sheldon waiting for the judges to reach a decision. It was pretty stressful for everyone. Luckily, me owner brought a thermos full of popsicles so that I would have something to occupy my time. Not that I don’t eat those popsicles pretty darned fast!

And when the results came back….

The winner was…

Not me!

What? Seriously? The winner was not me? But look how cute HP, Capycoppy and I were in our amazing costumes! How could any dog hope to beat us?

Well, how about this dog dressed as Carmen Miranda.

Carmen Miranda dog

That’s some costume. The whole thing was knitted! And you can’t see all of it in this photo. I have to say, I don’t mind being beaten by something like that. I still like our Who costumes better but if you have to lose, you might as well lose to something really outrageous!

Thanks again to Mansie! You are the very best!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we got second place. This year the 2nd place prize was a $10 gift card for PetCo. We buy a lot of stuff at PetCo and we could sure use that $10! But on the way out my owner dropped it into the donation jar for the poor homeless animals. I guess that’s okay with me, they don’t sell popsicles OR yogurt at PetCo so it wasn’t that big a loss.

9 comments to Second to One

  • Penny

    The dog that won was really cool, but not as cool as you! You are a good sport and an example for all other Capybaras to follow! Congrats on your second place win!

  • francine

    That carmen miranda dog is pretty amazing, but you and HP are the real winners!

  • Erika

    Caplin, you and Hello Pineapple were the cutest ever! And so well behaved! The Carmen Miranda dog was pretty awesome, as well. Thanks for the great pictures and how sweet of Melanie to donate the gift card! We should all follow her example.

  • Dobby

    Oh, Caplin, your Whos are the best ever costume! With Hello Pineapple and Capycoppy as backup, I just don’t see how you keep coming in second! But tell us- how many times now have you been runner up?

  • Teresa

    I love you three dressed as Who’s, but being beaten by Carmen is OK, even if she’s a DOG!
    I liked also that your owner left the gift card to the homeless animals. They need it

  • OMC that winner wuz kyute but I iz sprized you dint win You look so grate an fancy and then so duz Hello Pineapple – I wudda voted for you. I happy you competed cuz I sure you made lotsa peeepls smile! Happy Halloween!

  • Talus (Carmen Mirandog) and Dakota loved meeting their very first Capybara. Especially since they just saw Caplin on 20/20 a few days ago. You have a great website. Do you by any chance have a picture of Talus or Dakota (the other big ridgeback who was not in costume, but had on a haloween bandana)? I would like to put the picture on my website and link to yours if you have one. My site is

  • sorry, meant to add – a picture of Talus or Dakota with Caplin.

  • Caroline

    Mansie did a great job making costumes for the three of you. In the first photo, I thought that Hello Pineapple was strapped to your back. *giggle*
    It warmed my heart when I read that your owner donated the gift card to the homeless animals.

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