The Mysteries of Capybara Creek

Capybara Creek on Sept. 5th.

I am confused.

Capybara Creek is my favorite place in the whole world but I don’t understand it. The photo above and the video below were taken on Sept. 5th, just about one month ago.

YouTube Preview Image

I was devestated. What happened to all the water? That little bit from the hose wasn’t enough to swim in. I like mud but I love to swim. If capybaras could cry, I would have.

But then look what happened!

Capybara Creek on Sept. 29th

This is me during the 20/20 shoot. Where did all that water come from? And watch this video of me swimming my heart out the following weekend.

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t get it. How could it go from dry as a desert to my beautiful sanctuary in two weeks? It’s amazing.

Even more amazing is the photo below.


Do you see what is in that photo? Fish! FISH! Fish? Where did they come from? How did they get there? They don’t even look like babies, at least not all of them. But the creek was completely dry two weeks ago!

To tell you the truth, I’m kind-of scared now. Anything could be in that creek. What if an anaconda is in there? I’m sure my owner would jump in to same me but…

5 comments to The Mysteries of Capybara Creek

  • Keren Bosse

    Caplin, maybe it had something to do WITH the 20/20 visit? Hmm? Or maybe it’s just the change of seasons. I bet your owner knows. Melanie wouldn’t let you go where it’s dangerous.

  • Dobby

    Caplin, I think fish babies come the same way human babies come. The stork brings them!

  • Sue

    It’s magic, Caplin. Watching you swim makes me happy.

  • Dharma

    No Dobby…you have it all wrong…Storks “Eat” the little fishies…

  • Alex

    Caplin, I think the fish were sleeping in the mud. Maybe they even dried out. But after the rain, they woke up, back to life!

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