Capycoppy Arrives!

Do I look like a capy-sitter?

I love my owner but she doesn’t make it easy. Take today’s momentous occasion, the arrival of our first 75 Capycoppies. I was as excited as the next capybara but that doesn’t mean I want them piled all over me! At least they are soft and very lightweight.

Could you tell your friends to get off me?

Really, I love the little Capycoppies, they are my clones after all. I suppose we’re one big happy family. Except they are all small.

Put your paw in mine

My owner made a big deal about Capycoppy having realistic feet. Ah, I don’t think so! But they do have the right number of toes in the right orientation: four on the front, little toe to the outside, three on the back and all of them webbed. In case you’re wondering about that blob in the upper left of the photo, that is my nose.

Maple likes Capycoppy

I’m as patient as any capybara in the world, but I couldn’t take much of that. Pretty soon I got up and left so my owner had to resort to other photo-ops. The one above of Maple Bunny kissing Capycoppy’s ear is pretty cute.

Capycoppies and Kimikokapi

Kimikokapi was more obliging than either me or Maple. My owner managed to get this shot with 50 of the little Capycoppies and Kimikokapi. Did you notice she is wearing bunny ears and a bandanna? I think I was supposed to be sitting there but I dare my owner to get me to do it.

They're a little scary

To be honest, all those Capycoppies are a little scary. Are they my army or are they coming ofter me? Look at the glint in their eyes. What does it mean?

I am in the land of the Lilliputians

It’s just a matter of time before they tie me down with ropes just like they did in Gulliver’s Travels!

If I hold very still, maybe they won't realize I'm alive

Cute things can be evil too. In fact, things that are cute and evil are the most evil things of all. Maybe they’re like piranha, they’re each going to take just one little bite.

You want a kiss?

You want a kiss? That is so sweet! Maybe you’re not evil after all.

A hug is what we all need

All the world’s misunderstandings could be cured if we would just hug each other more. I can see now that the Capycoppies are my friends after all. I just had to get to know them better.

If you would like to adopt one of these guys, make sure you follow the link on the right side bar of this blog or just click here.

8 comments to Capycoppy Arrives!

  • Julianna

    LOL – love it! I must order a Capycoppy!

  • Connie Hillyer

    Caplin, you are very patient with Melanie, but I’m sure there’s only so much that a self-respecting capybara can take!

    The cappycopies are adorable! I’ve adopted one and am eager for him to arrive at his new home in Arizona. 🙂

  • Cathy M.

    Ditto, or should I say “coppy”!

  • Erika

    I love the pictures!! As always, you are adorable, Caplin!! I am asking for a capycoppy for Christmas!!

  • Kristy Ogden

    How SWEET and PRECIOUS Caplin! I particularly like the “put your paw in mine” and the “could you tell your friends to get off me” poses the best. 🙂 You look like you are teaching them and they are listening intently on the “their a little scary” one! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  • Petraneferu

    Caplin, you are a very, very patient being for putting up with all that, but the reward is bringing a smile to many faces. I can’t wait for my Capycoppy to arrive! I am really looking forward to having a little plush you in my domain. 🙂

  • Kimiko

    Cute photos!! So much capycopies LOL!! Caplin is buried with copies!!

  • OMC! An army of Caplins!

    I loves dem. MOL!!

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