Fall Planting


I went for a walk out in the front pasture with my owner yesterday. I’ve been a pretty good capybara lately so I don’t have to be on my leash. I always wear my harness though, you can’t be too careful. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a wild or homeless capybara.

As we were walking, I noticed that the grass is not the lush green that I love so much. It’s starting to get all dry and crackly and doesn’t have the taste or texture of the green grass of spring. Almost like eating hay. So I was excited when my owner told me she got a bunch of rye grass for me. I love rye grass. It grows in the winter here and is the only thing for me to graze on during those dark, frigid months.

Looking for rye grass

My owner claimed she got 200 lbs of rye grass and that seems like a lot until you remember that I weigh 100 lbs so it is only two mes. I might be able to finish it all off inside of a week. But I looked around and I didn’t see any fresh new grass anywhere.

What I did find was a bag of grain.

I found a bag of grain

I am not above eating grain. I love the crimped oats and Superior Senior feeds the horses get. But this stuff was little tiny seeds. I’m not sure the horses can eat stuff this small. On the other hand, I’m quite a bit smaller than a horse and maybe, just maybe, this seed was just capybara sized.

Is this seed capybara sized?

Tuned out it was! Quite tasty too. My owner said that bag is only fifty pounds but it sure seemed like more. I could hardly make a dent in it. Meanwhile my owner was throwing it all away! Just tossing it on the ground, hither and thither as if it wasn’t good to eat at all.

Then she said a weird thing. She said this is the rye grass! Turns out baby rye grass is just seeds! Delicious seeds to be sure, but just tiny little seeds that stick to your nose if you’re not careful.

Rye grass seeds stick to your nose

Well, I hope I left enough seed to make plenty of grass to last me through the winter. Last year we kind-of ran out and I had to eat more hay than I would have liked. My owner said she only planted 70 lbs of seed last year and that the 200 lbs she’s planting this year should keep me covered. Now all we need it rain to make the baby grass grow. I’ll be watching the sky.

4 comments to Fall Planting

  • Erika

    I hope the grass grows beautifully for you! It sounds like you have plenty of seeds this year, even minus the ones on your nose!

  • Dobby

    Most of our grass seed drowned, and now the ground is too cold to germinate any more seed. We should have planted rice. The front yard has nice ryegrass all year, though.

  • Sheldon

    You said “I’ve been a pretty good capybara lately” does that mean that lately you’ve taken to transforming into a different capybara?

  • Lynn

    OH NO!!!! Sheldon has been taking to Coral!!!
    You’re reputation is becoming quite shady Caplin!

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