Super Capy!

Super Me

It’s true that I have served as a muse for some very outstanding artists…it’s just too bad my owner isn’t one of them.

I don’t want to be mean, but it’s true. She’s got the artistic talent of an untalented person. Nevertheless, my cuteness is so inspirational that she can’t help but draw me sometimes, always in a cartoon form because, well, the reason is obvious.

She spent a whole afternoon last weekend drawing the above picture of me and the Texas flag. The problem with my owner is that the only way she knows to stop is when she has completely ruined the thing she was working on. The initial drawing was fine so, of course, she had to keep going.

I've been framed!

Photoshop is a wonderful tool, but it can’t turn someone into an artist when there is no artistic talent there to start with. What does she think, putting a texture on me makes some kind of earth-shattering difference? Clearly, this wasn’t enough to really ruin the drawing.

A Change of Colors

She color shifted the background and added texture. Now we are well on the way to being “done.”

I'm a poster

Maybe she should have changed the color of my bandanna? Or what about my fur? A real artist would have done something more original.


Okay! I think we’re done. The blood is rushing to my head and I feel all wobbly and out-of-sorts. I can’t hardly tell if I’m coming or going.

By the way, you might think that drawing of me looks familiar. It should! It’s from a photo of me at the state capitol. You can see the photo in the previous post. And if you think about it, I don’t actually think she “drew” me. I think she cheated.

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