Some Favorite Videos

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This post isn’t really about me but I thought I’d start it off with one of my favorite videos of me anyway. I’m including this video just to remind people that I have a YouTube channel as CaplinCapybara with about 120 videos on it so far. However, you will notice that the above video is not on that channel. When I was a baby there was a bit of confusion about how to do things and ten of my earliest videos ended up on the Shmaplina channel. So if you want to see my baby videos, that’s where to go.

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今回は、本当は僕のことについての話じゃないけど、とにかく僕の好きなビデオの話から始めるね。YouTubeにはCaplinCapybaraという名前で僕のビデオが120本あるって、しってる?だけど、上のビデオはYouTubeに乗せてないんだ。子供の頃って、何をどうしたらいいかわからなくって、その頃のビデオがShmaplinaに10本ほどのってるんだ。だからそのころのビデオがみたければ、ここにいってみて。 Continue reading “お気に入りのビデオ” »