Calling All Photos

11-Month-Old Muddy Caplin

I wanted a chance to say thank you to everyone for everything. Your words make me cry but it does help to know how others care and how many people’s lives Caplin touched. He will always be loved and never forgotten.

When I thought about it, I realized that I have many, many photos of Caplin that I never shared, an example is the one above. I don’t know why I didn’t think that was cute enough. Maybe I was ashamed of how muddy he could get. Now when I look at it I just see how happy he is.

It also made me think that his fans might have photos of him that they’d like to share. I would love to see them. You can use the contact tab to send me an email and I’ll post the best or most touching photos in a later blog post.

I am still working on getting the charity set up. For now if you donate you can be sure the money will go toward capybara veterinary care but current donations are not tax deductible. Several people have asked about calendars so I ordered some additional ones. You can buy one by following the link on the sidebar. All profits from his calendar, Capycoppy or my book will go to the charity or to pay for Caplin’s final medical expenses.

Thank you,


23 comments to Calling All Photos

  • Nicholas Schoonbeck

    I just saw Caplin on 20/20 on hulu. I’m sorry to hear he has passed. he seemed like a cool animal.

  • Kristy Ogden

    It is going to be a wonderful charity for a wonderful reason. We love you Caplin and Melanie! xo


  • Vickie Devore

    I love this picture. It is tooooo cute for words!!!! Still missing you Caplin!!!

  • Janie Nuttycombe

    Hi Melanie, I am SO SO SO sorry about Caplin. I had a precious mini potbelly that had stomach issues every month her whole life. I never really found an expert, and my mom had lost her house and our entire lives were devoted to trying to find a home for everyone where we could have our pigs and other pets. A dishonest person took our one pig in the guise of taking care of him until we found the right house – and never gave him back. It broke my heart and I’m still tortured about it. Pinky, the one w/ stomach issues, died after one episode when she started throwing up what appeared to be blood. I believe now that she had had cancer for a long time or possibly a twisted gut and it kills me every single day that I didn’t get the right care for her. I was afraid of what they would say. She was my heart. She literally saved me from suicide. She was 9 when she died and that, along w/ my horse Moon who died 3 years ago – was the biggest loss of my life. It was gut-wrenching, just indescribable. She was such a special little soul. I think Caplin was the same. People don’t understand people like you and I who can are attached to our pets at the heart, but I understand and my whole heart goes out to you. Caplin was so so precious. Please take heart in the Rainbow Bridge – although I know you will probably be in too much pain to read it now. Just know that when you die, he will be there waiting for you, and in the meantime he will be happy and playing without any sense of loss, until he sees you again. My love to you both. I wish I could have met and kissed him.

  • Dobby

    I resemble that photo!

  • Mary W.

    Thank you for sharing this photo, and everything else you have shared during Caplin’s life. He looks adorable in this “muddy capy” shot! His precious face always puts a smile on mine. (((HUGS))) to Melanie, you were a wonderful Mom to Caplin! He could not have wished for any better family. I know the pain of losing a beloved pet, and in time it does get easier. I hope that knowing how much joy you brought to his thousands of fans, by sharing every aspect of Caplin’s life with us, will bring you some comfort in this time of sorrow.

  • Alex

    Melanie, would the donation today help you pay the bills? I think it’s the priority today.

  • Catherine

    How can Capy have been in a photo that is NOT cute? What a personality! I never met him, have no photos of him. It took me a year to even look at a photo of my beloved Sphynx (hairless cat), who died in a very tragic household accident several years ago. My heart is still broken over that, even with kids, dogs, birds and reptiles that keep me very busy. Thank you again for sharing Caplin with the world. We look forward to more pics of him. You’ve done a terrific job on these sites, and your love for Caplin is evident through the happiness of these photos and pages. Perhaps one day you will introduce us to another wonderful ROUS, if and when the time is right. Love the muddy Capy xo!

  • O_Fla

    I, too, was so shocked and saddened to read of Caplin’s death.
    I hope that you can get through this difficult time of grief and pain and feel better soon.

    Sincere condolences,

  • Beth

    Love the muddy Cappy, shows his mishievious side. What a sweet little man.

  • Valentina

    Keep your spirits up Melanie. How LUCKY you are to have had time with Caplin! I am thinking of you and of your sweet sweet Caplin.



    I am waiting for the charity to go online to donate 🙂

  • Valentina

    …also I adore this picture of him. What a sweet little buddy!

  • Jennah

    Dearest little muddy Caplin! Dear Melanie, I am glad you have been able to find some solace in all the love so many people have for Caplin and for you in this difficult time.

  • Nic

    I’m sorry about Caplin’s death. I still have photos of Caplin on my phone from the library visit. But I don’t know how to upload photos. When I know how, i,l show the photos.

  • francine

    I am crying now, writing about darling Caplin. There is something about special animals that links us all, and reminds us of the joy and pain our own companion animals have brought us. I can’t thank you enough for sharing him with us.

  • Ann

    He seems to be looking at the camera saying “Oh hello!” as if a muddy capybara is really no big deal. Where ever you are, Caplin, I hope you have plenty of mud puddles to roll in.

  • Joanne

    I am so very sorry of Caplin’s passing . He will be missed by all

  • Maude

    I’m still drinking my coffee in the mug i won in your pictures contest. It makes me think of you on a daily basis. Love you

  • Nancy

    Im from Toronto, Canada and first saw Caplin this past fall on 20/20. He was truly the cutest animal I had ever seen. I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear about his sudden demise. I have so enjoyed looking at his pictures and videos. Im so sorry for your loss.

  • Clodia

    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear of Caplin’s passing. *hugs*
    I was watching “The Princess Bride,” and of course it made me think of him.
    It was such a joy to get to know him through his blog over the years.

  • Jill Clark

    Caplin came to visit the first grade classes at Hill Elementary last year. The other teachers and I are so sad to hear of his death. He was so entertaining and adorable. We were hoping he would come see us again this spring. So glad we got to meet him. You gave him a life full of love. I know you miss him terribly.
    Blessings to you,
    Jill Clark

  • Oh oh oh do he haz muddy paws too?

  • Hi Melanie,

    you made us like Capybara so much,
    we’ve featured some of your photo on our site,

    I Want A Capybara Now!
    Hope the traffic helps with your movement!


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