Caplin Rous 07/10/2007 – 01/04/2011

Caplin on Dec. 31, 2010

Sometimes things happen that there is just no way to prepare yourself for. Sometimes it seems like your world has fallen apart. That is how I feel now. Caplin Rous was the glue that held my life together. You might think you can see that from his presence on the web and on TV but that doesn’t capture it. The first thing I heard every morning when I got up was his cute little happy Geiger counter noise and it was the last sound I heard at night, at least until he eeped to wake me  for a midnight snack.

I’m going to let this blog speak for Caplin’s life, what a wonderful, cute and unique animal he was, his tremendous personality and his gentle nature. I can’t add significantly to that in a single post.

I’d like to thank everyone who has sent notes on Facebook or twitter or posted comments on this blog or any of his accounts or sent me personal emails. I have literally received  thousands of messages of condolence and it makes me cry to think how many people’s lives he touched and how many people will miss him. Thank you. It helps to know this. I wish I could respond to all of you individually but, to be honest, I haven’t responded to anyone because I just don’t feel up to it.

We still don’t know what happened to Caplin. He had been irritable for a couple of days but nothing serious. When I left for work Monday morning, he seemed fine. By the time I got home, he could hardly walk. I got his harness on him and was able to lead him to the car but I had to help him get in. I rushed him to Texas A&M University small animal hospital because they were the only ones I thought might have the expertise to help. It was the longest 140 miles of my life. By the time we got there, Caplin could hardly move.

An hour or so after we arrived at A&M, Caplin had a seizure and the vet had to give him a sedative to bring him out of it. After that, he was never really conscious again. He died the next afternoon from another seizure right after completing a head MRI. A full necropsy is being done but preliminary findings indicate chronic liver disease that at the end manifested as encephalopathy. Apparently Caplin had been sick for a long time but never shown any outward signs of it.

I will write a new post when we have the final results of the necropsy.

If you would like to help with Caplin’s medical expenses, please consider purchasing a Capycoppy plush animal from We expect to set up a charity in his name and will use excess funds to seed that. When we have that in place, I will post about it on this blog.

Rolling in a dry Capybara Creek 12/11/2010

108 comments to Caplin Rous 07/10/2007 – 01/04/2011

  • Oh, we are so sorry to hear about Caplin’s passing… we have so enjoyed seeing his videos and hearing about his amazing life.

    Lots of love to you,
    Lulu & Bogart

  • […] since I got Garibaldi Rous I have been worried about him. We really don’t know what happened to Caplin Rous and so little is known about capybaras that I now feel like everything I do is potentially deadly. […]

  • […] for the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. Melly started the Foundation right after Caplin Rous died as a way of honoring him. The puzzles are especially good for that because they are images of him […]

  • […] For three and a half years, Caplin Rous, my beloved pet capybara, monopolized my life. He was with me every moment it was possible. He slept under the covers in my bed. He went out to lunch with me. We went on walks together. We did school visits to teach kids about capybara and other rodents. We appeared on TV. I even wrote a book about him (sort of). And then he was gone. […]

  • Ed Turnipseed

    We are so sorry about Caplin. What a beautuful sweet baby!! Iloved to see pictures of him and he was always so happy looking.

    RIP little buddy!!!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    I cry every time I read this. Our thoughts are so with you at this time. I hope Gari can bring a little smile to your face

  • Little Jackie Namocheet

    Melanie- Just happened upon all your videos when looking up some info on capybaras, whom I have always loved. My lifestyle would not have permitted having one, for many reasons–working full time, living alone, not having the space, proper environment, financial resources etc., etc. Don’t even know if they are permitted as pets in California, but I used to visit the Santa Barbara zoo often to watch them. Have had many guinea pigs and other pets such as those seen grazing in your yard. Just wanted to let you know that I almost cried when reading about Caplin and I hope Gari is bringing you lots of joy now.

  • I miss Caplin I love Capibaras so much I cried for days! Days! Rest in peace Dude!

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