Capybara Song

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You can’t watch this video too many times.

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This very short video clip shows an excited capybara jumping into the water.

4 comments to Capybara Song

  • Nic

    I never knew capybaras could run so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennah

    “Water is Falling On My Head” is one of my new favorite songs: “Capybara Hey Capybara Ho Everybody sing H20!!!!” This depiction of the aquatic meditation of a happily drenched capy is gold!!

  • francine

    It’s true, you really can watch that capy song over and over!


    I really love the capybara song “Water is falling on my head” by Jonathan Man ! I wish I coud buy this song one day on CD.
    Nice +good idea ,- why not dedicate a song to these interesting capybaras !?!!
    ….I like to hear that song again and again !
    ANTJE SEEGER / Germany

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