Dirty Gari

Dirty Gari

Ode to Mud

I think,
I think,
I think I am in love
With mud.

It squishes,
mushes like such silky

Oh let me,
Let me,
Let me be forever

In its grace.
On Your Face.

I made that poem up. It doesn’t capture everything I feel about mud and it certainly doesn’t capture anything about how Melly feels. To be honest, she seems to feel something completely different.

When I lived in Ohio, I never got to see this wonder of nature that is called by the beautifully succinct syllable, mud. Now I cannot get enough of it. And guess what? My pond is full of deliciously silky mud right at the bottom underneath all that water. Sometimes it is hard to get to but this week the water in the pond was low and the mud, zomg!, the mud lay under a thin sheet of water, ripe for mixing with a rolling capybara body. And who better to do that than me, Capybara Roller Extraordinare?

I believe I have found my calling: rolling, in mud.

Why can't I come in the house?

The only problem is Melly won’t let me back in the house with my mud coat. She locks the door and forces me to wash in one of my tubs. I tried resisting but ultimately (after about 2 minutes), I got hungry and so I had to wash off to come in to get some food.

Washing the mud off

At first I tried to just sit there and pretend to be clean but then I couldn’t help myself and I had to start rolling.

Maybe my calling is just rolling and not rolling in the mud necessarily.

This is something I will have to give some thought to.

In the meantime, you might enjoy this video of me with my favorite toy.

YouTube Preview Image

10 comments to Dirty Gari

  • Joann


    You truly are a piece of work! I was inspired by your “Ode to Mud.” Glad that you are getting to experience one of life’s great joys…the mud puddle!

    On this St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll leave you with a (sort-of) Irish thought…

    May the road rise up to meet you,
    May the wind be ever at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your furry face
    And the rain fall softly on your mud fields…

    PS. I received my large sized puzzle today in the mail. I am very excited.

  • francine

    Gari is really coming into his own! I love how he decided to stop playing when he figured out he was being OBSERVED!

  • Catherine

    Love it!

  • Kathryn

    Thanks for the laughs Gari!

    I got two puzzles today…a small one of Caplin swimming and a large one of him and Cappycopy in their matching green outfits (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!).

    Pinches for Gari if he isn’t wearing green!

  • Madena

    Wow…what a great poem!!! I will try to find one my whippet wrote on the same subject. She was hooked on mud. One fine summer day we dredged out the pond to make it deeper. She got to roll in mountains of stinky pond mud…I think she liked the Jurassic scent and extra sticky blackness…you would have loved it Gari!!

  • Dobby

    We can be Muddy Buddies!

  • lynn Marcotte

    Fantastic! Loved every word every pic!
    Muddy Buddy indeed Dobby!!!

  • I loved hearing about your mud bath. Gari you are quite the character. I see that you weren’t so sure about the bird squawking while you were rolling in the tub!

  • Gari, you are absoloutely beautiful…and muddy 🙂 I’ve only recently started learning about Capybaras but your blog has really helped…plus it’s so so so cute!!!

  • Jennah

    Of course capys love water, but I had no idea they were so entranced by rolling in MUD, luscious muddy mud! Trying to pretend to be clean: nice try, Gari!! Sending the love to you and your muddy buddy Dobby!

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