What’s For Dinner?

Me eating a piece of corn

A better question is what’s not for dinner.

I am a hungry capybara, no question about it. Well, it’s just that I’m growing so fast I need to eat a whole lot. These past few weeks that I’ve been living at my new home with Melly and Rick, I have been putting over two pounds per week. It’s hard work growing that fast! In fact, it’s so hard that it’s just unreasonable to expect me to stand or sit up while eating. I’ve got to get maximum use out of those calories.

In the above photo, you can see my current favorite food, corn-on-the-cob. It is delicious. Sometimes I even eat the cob but usually there will be a little bit of cob core left.

My "first dinner"

Above is what I call my “first dinner.” That’s the dinner I get when Melly goes to bed at night. It is a whole head of lettuce (or kale or spinach or some other leafy vegetable) with a sprinkling of broccoli, a half a cantaloupe (or equivalent in watermelon), two cups of GPF (Guinea Pig Food) and a couple of pieces of corn.

I get the same thing or something like it for “second dinner” at around 3:00 am.

Sometimes Melly sneaks in apples or rutabaga or weird little potatoes. Sometimes they give me a bowl of cereal, something like Total with raisins. Sometimes I get a funny melon in stead of cantaloupe or watermelon. Sometimes Melly picks me a bowl of grass. I like a little variety.

I’m not like Caplin was, I don’t eat or like yogurt or popsicles. I do like yogurt covered raisins though and that could be the first step along a slippery slope. It’s a chance I’ll just have to take.

Coral bribing me with a yogurt raisin.

By the way, that is the new harness Melly got me for my birthday. I outgrew my old one. But look, it is pink! I mean, yeah, obviously I look good in pink and it does come with a matching leash, but what will people say?

8 comments to What’s For Dinner?

  • francine

    Face it, Gari, you are in a Capy Palace!

  • I like to eat the corn husks, too! The husks are my favorite part, but it is really hard to find fresh whole corn this time of year. If that bowl was full of 8 kinds of potatoes instead of melon, it would look like my breakfast. I used to eat mostly at dinnertime and in the middle of the night but I eat during the day now. I eat more timothy hay than guinea pig food, but yep, that looks pretty familiar!

  • rosenatti

    Dobby, I’m still convinced you are the Dude, rug and all.

    Gari, a pink harness shows you’re a progressive capybara who says poo to gender roles. People will be impressed and nod approvingly, I’m sure of it.

  • lynn Marcotte

    Dang! That’s a LOT of food! No wonder you look practically full grown in pic w/ Coral! I barely see any pink on that harness…I see blue!

  • Kristy Ogden

    You look very comfie in your kitchen eating your dinner Gari. I’m so glad you have adjusted well….you can’t help but love Melanie and Rick. 😉

  • Nina "Piggy Mama" Mccampbell

    You are doing so well! I believe the lady where you came from didn’t feed you at all! I’m so glad you’re happy and growing. Love you big guy!!

  • Shari Kaplan

    I’m glad you’re a healthy, happily growing boy, Gari! 🙂 And I wish you a very long healthy & happy life. I second the capy palace comment — you truly couldn’t have found a better human mom than Melly. Well, aside from Stacy, that is. 😉

    I wanted to compliment you on how well you “twinkied” to Coral for the yogurt raisin. You’re not even full grown but already make a tall “twinkie”! (You can ask Melly about that zany term I made up for my pet rats). Oh, and I also have another of my silly terms to teach you; it just came to me as I read this blog entry about how much you love food. I think that would make you an “eatums”! ;D Yep, that was also a term inspired by my rats!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Hugs from San Jose, Cali!
    Shari ~~~((()))3:>X

  • “I mean, yeah, obviously I look good in pink and it does come with a matching leash, but what will people say?”

    They will say, “Oh my, look at that fashionable young capybara!”

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