My Week in Pictures

#1: Me and my pool toy

Today’s blog post doesn’t really have a topic other than me. I guess I didn’t really learn anything new or do anything exciting. But that didn’t keep Melly from following me around with her camera. So we’re just going to run with that.

#2: Action shot!

I have to admit that Melly and I make a good team, I am super photogenic and she’s a reasonable photographer. Actually, you don’t have to be much of a photographer to take good photos of me because the camera *loves* me.

#3: Me and Coral at the pool.

The camera loves Coral too but not as much as it loves me. You can see that in the above photo because I look so much cuter than she does. Guess what! I didn’t even bite her fingers although I totally could have.

#4: Me rolling for joy

Part of the reason I’m so photogenic is because I have such a happy disposition. When you’ve got a smile in your heart it always shows in the photos. Can’t you just see my inner joy in the photo above?

#5: Me and the lifesaver

My pool isn’t very deep–even I can stand up to breath in it although I don’t have to–so I don’t know why we need this lifesaver. It does make a pretty nice toy though. I can pull it around using the ropes along the outside.

#6: Circles were made to be broken

This isn’t the hula hoop, it’s another hoop that Melly put in the pool for me to bite. I am making very good progress on this hoop. I thought you might like to see a photo of me right side up, just so you know I’m not always swimming upside down.

#7: Time to get out

I have discovered that I love swimming but I can’t do it all of the time. Sometimes I have to get out so I can go in the house and eat. Melly and Rick want me to eat more grass but its so much more civilized to eat food out of a bowl on a nice soft rug.

#8: Me and the rabbits sharing a repast

My rabbit co-pets, Mapple (right) and Oakley (left), frequently share a meal with me. I’m cool with that as long as they’ll let me chase them later. They need some fuel in their little bunny systems to hop fast and make the game more interesting. Someday I will have to let Melly video me chasing them and I’ll be sure to post it here on my blog.

#9: Happiness is a good scratch

There’s nothing like a good scratch to end an exhausting day. A scratch is also good in the morning when you first wake up. Or in the afternoon when you’re trying to replenish your energy. Or in the middle of the night when you’re bored because everyone is asleep. There’s actually no time when I good scratch isn’t appreciated.

#10: Resting on the paw

Melly’s camera can be annoying sometimes, like when I’m trying to sleep and she sneaks up on me and takes my picture. I can always hear the stupid camera shutter and I find that noise annoying, not to mention the flash.

#11: Goodnight!

At the end of the day I sleep the innocent, deep sleep of a capybara.

That sums up my week in pictures, hope you enjoyed it. You can vote on your favorite photo from this blog post on the right sidebar.

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