Super Gari

#1 Looking for trouble

Yesterday Melly put a little ribbon around my neck with a medal on it. The ribbon was yellow and the medal was blue like a 1st place ribbon. I am wearing it in the photo above. Can you guess what the medal said?

#2 Super Gari

You don’t really need to guess because you can see it in the photo above. The medal has a single word on it: Super! And do you know why? It is because I am super! Of course, everyone who knows me knows about my super power, which is rolling. And yesterday I demonstrated that super power over and over and over again.

#3 Rolling with Rick

I am especially good at rolling while swimming. I have even discovered that this is a good way to get my belly scratched.

#4 Rick needs longer arms to scratch me more effectively

I even figured out how to get Melly to scratch me with her feet.

#5 Rolling for Scratching

The trick to that is basically not to bite the foot that scratches you.

That would have been a great–you might even say super–day if that were all that happened but there is a whole lot more! For one thing, Stacy Winnick is visiting us for a few days. I never had anyone come and stay over before and I am glad Stacy is my first experience with this. She is really nice and she knows capybaras since she owns Caplin Rous’ little brother, Dobby (or Dobbye on Facebook).

#6 Me with Stacy Winnick

Do you remember how shy I used to be when I first came to live with Rick and Melly? Well, Stacy is helping me get over that. Because of her experiences with Dobby, she knows how to treat a capybara.

#7 Getting to know Stacy

It didn’t take long for me to be (mostly) comfortable with her.

#8 Stacy wants to play patty-cake

In the above photo both Carl and I were amazed and amused that Stacy, a grown human woman, wanted to play a game of patty-cake. Plus, she apparently doesn’t know how these paws of mine work, which is not very well.

#9 Human-capybara converstation

It is times like these when human-capybara communication breaks down. I gave her my best capybaras-don’t-play-silly-games-like-that look but all she did was remind me of the games I played in the pool. Ridiculous! Rolling is my super power and it is not a game to practice it. You never know when I will be required to roll to save the world! I’m pretty sure patty-cake is never going to be a matter of planetary life-or-death.

#10 Standing is not my super power

I turned my back on Stacy and asked Carl for a treat. For some reason he thought I should stand on my hind legs to get it. Standing is not my super power so I don’t see why I should have to practice that but I guess a super capybara needs to be versatile.

#11 I allow Carl to scratch me

To finish off the day, I decided to go outside to graze and everyone followed me. I was pretty busy eating but Carl wanted to scratch me. I decided to let him as long as I didn’t have to stop eating while he did it.

#12 Oakley in the grass

A super capybara has to be humble so I am closing this post with a cute photo of my rabbit co-pet, Oakley.

12 comments to Super Gari

  • Piggymama

    Oh Gari, You ARE Super!! Super Cute! Super Smart! Super Wonderful!!!

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Dear Super Gari, You have ALWAYS been SUPER! From the day you were born, you were a Super Capy. When you came to live with Melly, you became MORE Super, because you started growing, swimming, and doing tricks like your famous Super Rolling. In my eyes, you will ALWAYS be one Wonderfully Super Capybara!

  • lynn marcotte

    I just ADORE the look on your in #9…tis just exquisite!!! It’s great that Stacy met you, now she can tell Dobby all abt you!

  • Connie Hillyer

    Gari, you are one super guy! I’m confident that one day your rolling skill WILL be used to save the world. Keep practicing!

  • Amber

    OMG. I love that picture of Oakley!!! Gari looks like he had a grand time! :o)

  • Bev B

    Super duper Gari! He is super handsome!

  • Lissa

    Gari, you are quite the super-duper, rollin’ capy. I’m glad you got to meet Stacy. Too bad she couldn’t bring Dobby with, but he would only teach you how to knock over a box of lettuce. Something I don’t think you want to add to your amazing abilities. I’m a bit more amazed at Carl’s black toes though. Wow! Those might be the most amazing thing in the pics. hehe!

  • Hi Gari!

    I just went searching to see if your family had gotten a new capybara, and I’m SO HAPPY to find you! 🙂

    You are very cute and very good at rolling.

  • francine

    How great that you got to meet Stacy!! I know that must have been a peak experience for you 🙂 will Dobby start rolling?

  • Alena Loiselle

    C’mon baby, let the good times roll,
    Yeah, roll all night long.

    See, even Harry Nilsson wrote a song for you, Gari. Kinda.

  • JAC

    So cute, I wish I was swimmin’ in a pool!

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