Just Another Day

It's good to have friends

Today was supposed to be the end of the world according to some humans. We animals never bought into it, really. But I was still happy to have a couple of my closest friend plushies with me for my morning nap. You probably recognize the one on my right, that is Capycoppy. The one on the left is Blaccarat. He is a plush rat that Stacy Winnick brought all the way from Washington state. When he saw how much better the weather is here, he decided not to go back.

I was a little nervous all day

I was a little nervous all day. You can see that in the photo above because the fur on the back of my neck is up. I kept waiting for something to happen. An earthquake. A tornado. A volcano. A strong gust of wind. But for a long time there was nothing. When something did happen, it was a good thing!

Me with Leon

I made a new friend! I don’t get to make many friends because I still can’t leave the yard and Melly and Rick don’t have many friends so almost no one ever comes over. Leon only came over because our air conditioner wasn’t working too great. (It really felt like the end of the world considering how hot and humid it was!)

Leon petting my head

Guess what? Leon liked me! In fact, he was really impressed with how cute and friendly I was. This is the very first time that I have made friends with someone who did not know Caplin Rous first. Leon is mine and mine alone!

Leon feeding me treats

Leon is a really good friend too, as you can see from the above photo. I don’t normally get treats in the pool but Leon really knows the way to a young capy’s heart!

Sadly Leon was working (even though it was the end of the world!) so he couldn’t stay long. I have a plan to get him back though. I am pretty sure that air conditioning unit is not capybara proof.

10 comments to Just Another Day

  • You are supposed to nibble the tail first, and then the feets off that rat, Gari! Take it from a PROFESSIONAL!

  • Darrylin

    Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blogposts! Thanks!

  • Leon sure looks like a good furrend Gari an I think your plan iz solid.

  • Liz

    You look like you’re really enjoying getting your head pet! (I know that look of sheer joy from watching my little rattie girls)

  • rosenatti

    There’s nothing cooler on a hot day than being fed treats by a man in uniform!

    In other news, worst. rapture. ever.

  • Pam

    I follow you on facebook and I see he’s in the pool a lot. I’m curious because one day I would love to have a capybara. Is that just a regular chlorinated pool? I’m just wondering because I love to swim and one day when I get one, he is definitely going in the pool with me!

  • Victoria

    Maybe someday I can meet you and then you can be my very first capybara friend! I like to swim too!

  • Melissa

    I just love the name you gave your rat stuffie- Blaccarat!! And there is nothing better than being hand fed snacks on a hot day while you are relaxing in the pool!!

  • Laurel

    He is so cute! I’m glad he made a new friend. :o)

  • Teresa

    I’m glad too, to see that you made a friend of your own!

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