Eying the Eye

I hope everyone knows about the adorable puzzles we are selling for the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. Melly started the Foundation right after Caplin Rous died as a way of honoring him. The puzzles are especially good for that because they are images of him and the money goes to his Foundation.

Jim Perry with Computer Caplin Puzzle

Jim Perry let us use two of his paintings of Caplin for the puzzles. I think he is proud of the puzzle he did in the photo above but I am not sure, he might be a little skeptical. But the puzzle looks totally cute to me.

Dobby Winnick has his own puzzle

One of the puzzles is of Dobby Winnick when he was a baby. Here he is posing with his puzzle box and completed puzzle. I don’t think he did the puzzle himself even though he seems to be taking credit because I didn’t do the puzzle I am posed with either. Maybe someday there will be a puzzle of me. I hope I could be as cute as Dobby.

Linda Lombardi has a "Wall of Capybaras"

The puzzles are totally suitable for framing, as you can see by the photo above. Linda should probably do more of the puzzles since it looks like she could use more capybara art. Apparently she needs some capybara figurines too since she has to use pug stand-ins for now. That is just sad.

Puzzle Progress

One fun thing about puzzles is watching them grow. Here Capycoppy and a small guinea pig watch Mary Wadja’s progress on a difficult Caplin Rous puzzle. It’s pretty amazing how all those pieces fit in that small space. Sometimes Melly says she is going to sacrifice one of the puzzles so she can put a few extra pieces into each of the other puzzle boxes. Now that would be puzzling!

Chocolate Guinea Pig

I believe Chocolate did this whole puzzle by himself. It is an easy one, only 108 pieces and a photo of baby Caplin, a perfect fit for a guinea pig. Notice also that Chocolate has placed a popsicle where little Caplin Rous could get it. That is so sweet but it also makes Melly cry.

Capycoppy with Caplin Reading

Alena had lots of help with this 108 piece version of the Caplin Reading puzzle (the one Linda did was 768 pieces, that’s too difficult for a plushie). Alena even let Capycoppy put in the last piece.

We still have a lot of puzzles left so it’s not too late to join the fun. And be sure to send us photos of your completed puzzles, we love seeing them.

This might make a good puzzle of both me and Caplin

5 comments to Puzzles

  • lynn marcotte

    This is just fabulous to see!!
    I see Gari’s little nose gland is growing!

  • Laurel

    Loving it all! It is so uplifting!

  • Mary Wajda

    What an awesome blog, Gari (and Melly)! Thank you so much for including my photos — I am honored!

    Great job to all who shared photos for this blog! Jim, you are an awesome artist, thanks for sharing your talent in your beautiful drawings of Caplin. Dobby & Stacy — Nice work and what a great photo! That is a Dobby cuteness overload — puzzle box, completed puzzle, and the “model” himself! Linda, love your wall of capybaras! Chocolate (and your owner), your photo is really touching, love that you included the popsicle! 🙂 Alena, you & Capycoppy did a great job!

    I agree that the last photo, of Gari w/Caplin’s “eye” puzzle, would be a great addition to the puzzle lineup!

    Gari, you are such a cutie pie, I wish I lived closer so John & I could come see you (and give you a big hug!). XOXO <3

  • Joann

    Very cool. You mention that Jim looks skeptical…I think the photo is a mirror image, is it not?

  • JAC

    Guinnies and Cappies, a match made in heaven.

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