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Yesterday was my big day, my first TV appearance. How to prepare?! I don’t know much about TV but there’s nothing like a nice swim in the pool to prepare for just about anything. So that’s what I did. Felt pretty good too and got me nice an cool before the long drive up to College Station and Texas A&M University’s KAMU-TV.

Sheldon was in my seat

My friend Elizabeth, her daughter Clarissa, Sheldon, Melly and I all went to the taping. We rode in Elizabeth’s van, which was nice and big with plenty of room for everyone…except they forgot about a seat for Sheldon and he ended up taking mine. Actually, we shared. I got on his lap so I could see out the window.

Long drive, long nose

It’s a long drive up to College Station and not that comfortable on Sheldon’s lap so part of the time I sat on the floor. I ate a whole tub of lettuce and a bunch of treats too.

That all sounds nice but I am leaving out the part about how I am afraid of cars and driving and how I do not like to leave home. They had the air conditioning on in the car but I was still sweating up a storm. I mean that. When I shook, I got everyone all wet. Melly gave me a little ice water but I didn’t drink much. To tell the truth, I was scared nearly to death even though I was surrounded by friends who didn’t seem upset at all. Still, they are humans and humans are notoriously oblivious to danger.

On the KAMU Set

You can see me and Melly getting settled in on the set. Clarissa is positioning my bed. It looks like a living room in a home but it’s not. It only has two walls and the rest is just a big room full of cameras and lights and junk. The walls of the set have books on them but I don’t think anyone ever reads them, they are just props. I wonder what they will use for props when ebooks finish displacing physical books? A single ebook reader isn’t going to take up much wall space.

During the taping

I refused to come out of my bed during the taping. I think I look good in it. Plus I wanted to distance myself from Melly who was saying some pretty dumb things. The woman with dark hair on the couch with her is Brenda Bridges, she does the Animal Advocates segment. The person in the chair next to me is Sharon Colson, she is the host of Brazos Valley Magazine, which is the name of the show.

Mostly everyone seemed nice and very interested in me and how cute I am. I wouldn’t do any tricks or anything and I refused to make any of my cute noises and mostly I just lay around like a lump on a log because I was so scared, but still I was pretty darned cute. Melly forgot to put my Super Gari medallion on me or I might have had the self-confidence to sit on the little rug.

You might notice that Melly is wearing a t-shirt with Caplin Rous on her. That was given to her by one of my Facebook fans, Sarah Resnick Homer. It’s a pretty nice shirt but maybe she shouldn’t have worn it on TV. Or that skirt. Actually, if I do this much, I might have to get a new handler with more film presence.

One thing that really bugged me was that Sharon Colson started talking about how they eat capybaras in South America. That is not something I like to think about and it was hard enough for me just sitting there shaking and sweating and being afraid without her bringing that up. Then she went a step too far! She asked Melly what capybaras taste like! Can you imagine? I would have bitten her if I hadn’t been so afraid. For once I was proud of Melly because she let Sharon Colson know that question was out of line and she refused to answer it. I am sure Melly doesn’t know what capybaras taste like but it was better not to give the question any answer than to say even that. I am almost mad enough not to watch myself on TV.

Me and Clarissa with Arthur and a puppy

As we left the studio, Clarissa and I decided to get our picture taken with Arthur. Arthur is an aardvark cartoon character. He’s not real but he’s still kind-of cute.

If you’d like to watch, here is the info on the show that they gave us:


KAMU-TV (PBS) broadcasts locally on HD Channel 12,
Suddenlink Cable Ch. 4 and 700 and streams video as it is broadcast 24/7/365

Your interview airdates for “BRAZOS VALLEY MAGAZINE” are: June 16th, 18th, and 19 th, 2011

“BRAZOS VALLEY MAGAZINE” airs locally each Thursday evening at 8 PM and repeats the following Saturday at 6PM and Sunday afteroon at 5PM CENTRAL TIME.

Collegues, family, and friends can now watch you when you are a guest on “BRAZONS VALLEY MAGAZINE” no matter where they live! The programs are NOT archived. KAMU-TV streams (boradcasts) live 24/7/35. You must watch on the Web at the same time and date as the broadcast listed above as your airdates (remember: CENTRAL TIME) to see your interview. Otherwise, viewers will see whatever is airing at the time they click in.

Watch KAMU-TV streaming video at

Log in from a computer to the site above. On the top left, in the strip across the page under the heading, click “Watch Now.” When the streaming window opens, click in the middle of the page where it says “Watch KAMU in Standard Definition.”

11 comments to Animal Advocates

  • lynn marcotte

    What a hilarious post! Lump on a log indeed! I didn’t care for that stupid question either, as if Melanie would have ever eaten capybara!!! Probably taste like chicken! You look extra cute in your bed…I’m kinda glad you didn’t do any tricks for them.

    PS Love your new harness!!

  • Gari…love your blog and so proud of you on your first appearance to the viewers of the world…can not wait to see it when it airs…will try the sites.
    I am proud that Mel did not discuss eating you or your family.I do not eat meat at all but when I was in the jungle the people were so poor and ate from the land. They called them water hogs and to be nice I tasted it. It is a white meat and tasted just like pork. It was a primitive means of cooking because that is all they had to eat and just put it in a boiling pot. You will never be eaten.
    You were very handsome and good work Gari.

  • rosenatti

    I think Melanie looks nice in her skirt! Sheldon, as always, is manly perfection, and you wear your sweat with a certain panache. All in all, a successful outing despite the hungry TV hosts.

  • OMG! And you had to wear that PINK harness! I don’t think I would have cooperated either. I hate car rides and I sweat and shake it all over everyone, too. I hope you got to go swimming when you got home! Next time, let them bring the cameras to you, like Animal Planet did. That’s a classy operation, and you deserve the best!

  • Joann

    Hi Gari!

    You look very regal sitting in your bed at the studio. I am sure Melly is very proud of you. As for the hostess of the show…someone should ask her if she eats cute little kitty cats. Meow.

    Nice that you got your picture taken with Arthur…I always thought he looked more like a capybara than an aardvark!

    Be well.

  • Rui

    One day I will meet you and kiss that adorable nose!!! *hugs*

  • Sara Beth

    Great post! Gari’s nose IS super adorable! I want to kiss his little nose too! I’m sure Melanie didn’t say stupid things & I think she looks nice in her skirt and Rodents of Unusual Size shirt. One day, you will be used to being in the car Gari. Your adorableness needs to be shared with the world! 😀

  • Thanks for taking us along on your TV trip, Gari. You do look regal on the set & Melly’s shirt sorta matches your colors, too. I’m horrified that they brought up that nasty subject–it’s very rude & inconsiderate.
    Hope that car rides get easier for you. I agree with Dobby that shows ought to bring the camera to you, that way you’d be more comfortable, plus they can film you swimming!

  • Tina

    OMG!!! How tactless can someone be…and to ask a question about eating your relatives right in front of you. That is just wrong. I’m glad Melanie stood up (not literally. lol) and said that was not an appropriate question. Good for you Melly.

    Gari…you look so handsome in your harnest and totally regal sitting in your bed, like it’s the king’s throne.

    We love you so much!!!!

    Tina, Spunk, Spike and Onyx

  • Bonnie

    Dear Gari,
    For once, I’m at a loss for words. Let me assure you this does not happen very often. That Sharon Colson lady is lucky you didn’t nip her like you did Melly when you didn’t want to put on your harness to go to the vet when you had that “mystery illness”! And I’m glad Melly didn’t ask the lady what HER relatives tasted like!!!
    When you become FAMOUS, and I know you will, you must get a good agent…..for lots of reasons. I might have some free time……
    Just kidding!!

  • Aww, Gari, I’m sure you did a great job on the set (even if you were sweating up a storm…) Can’t wait to see, though I was horrified when I heard that they asked Melly what a Capybara tastes like! That would be like someone asking the host what her dog or cat tastes like. Definitely not tasteful! And– rest assured, here in the USA, we humans don’t have Capy’s on the menu at all (even the Catholics)

    I can’t wait to see how Melanie responded to that one. BTW, I loved my visit with you! You’re a wonderful and amazing animal 🙂

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