Me and Leopolda


Me and Leopolda sharing the lawn

Probably most you know that I have a tortoise co-pet named Leopolda (Leah for short). Melly tells me Caplin clicked at her, bit at her shell and tried to chase her around the yard, except that she didn’t care. I guess I’m just more easy going than Caplin was because I don’t feel any need to chase Leah. There’s grass enough for everybody, that’s my motto.

Grass enough for everybody

You can see how well we get along. Leah doesn’t say much but I think we have a certain camaraderie. She’s a big tortoise and even though she is a “leopard tortoise,” I am not afraid of her. She’s not very leopard like at all. Actually, I can’t think of a single way she is like a leopard. Which is good, leopards are like jaguars and no capybara likes a jaguar.


Where’d she go?

Another way Leah is not like a leopard is that she is not at all fast. Actually, I take that back. She is a fast eater so that’s one way she’s fast but she is not fast on her feet. I could literally run circles around her if I wanted to and we capybaras are not known for our speed (on land) either.


Celeste and Audrey feed Leopolda

I think you can see what an easy going capybara I am. I didn’t even get upset when these two tweenage girls, Celeste and Audrey, came over and started feeding Leopolda one of my pieces of corn-on-the-cob. Well, not at first anyway.


I’m sure you have some for me, right?

I was just as polite as I could be. I came over and put my nose up to the corn, asking nicely if they didn’t remember that that corn was mine and maybe they should, you know, give me some.


Does she need to ask? Of course I want it!

Audrey gave me the strangest look, as if she didn’t know it was my corn! Just because I’m willing to share doesn’t mean it isn’t still mine.


Share and share alike

Here I am settling in to nicely share the corn with Leah. Maybe I did give her the smaller piece but, hey, it’s my corn isn’t it? My motto is share and share alike, as long as I get more.


Munching with my co-pet

One thing Leah and I have in common, aside from a love of corn, is that we like to lie down while we eat. No point wasting calories standing when you could be sitting and no use sitting when you could be lying down. Actually, I don’t think Leah can sit. I think it’s stand or lie down for her and that’s it.

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t know why Melly wanted to include this video. It kind-of makes me look bad. Maybe I was stealing corn out of Leah’s mouth but if she were really hungry, she would eat faster.

4 comments to Me and Leopolda

  • francine

    You have a lot of mottoes, Garibara! I’m glad you were happy to have visitors 🙂

  • Gari, some of us are really, really fast! I go so fast sometimes that I hurt myself!

  • Fuzzbear

    Do all capybaras eat as fast as you do, Gari, or is that another one of your superpowers? If I ate that fast, I would get some serious indigestion.

  • Shari Kaplan

    Great video! I giggled when I heard Melly’s comment about how “neither of them share very well.” 😀 It struck me funny because a tortoise and a capy are such different critters, yet you have this naughtily endearing thing in common. 😉

    BTW, regarding you stealing food from Leah, that reminds me of what my rats did! Actually, it was mainly Blueberry stealing from Jellybean, as Berry was the more dominant of the brothers. heh

    Hugs from San Jose,
    Scary Shari 🙂

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