Don’t fence me out!


I'm not asking for your pity... but I'll take it.

If you’ve been following my blog and the adventures of my life, you know that I am recovering from recent surgery. You can see two places where I had stitches in the photo above. I am wondering if this doesn’t give me a more sophisticated, capybara-of-the-world look. I wish Melly had smoothed the hair on the back of my neck before she took this photo though, kind of ruins the mood.

Why does my yard end here?

When I first saw that eyesore, I decided to turn my back on it. If I pretended it wasn’t there, maybe it wouldn’t be. It’s not nice to have an unpleasant surprise like this when you are still not feeling well, when your sides hurt and your legs are stiff, when you have a splitting headache and you’re so hungry you’re starving but you really don’t feel like eating. It’s not nice. So I turned my back on it and expected it to be gone when I looked back.

It wasn’t. It was still there.


What are you doing there and what have you done with my pond?

After several minutes of concentrated ignoring, the horrible obstructive device was still there. I decided I’d better take a closer look. That was when I realized, to my horror, that the barrier lay between me and my most glorious, luxurious, mud-filled pond! Nooooo!


Out of my way, you nasty fence!

You may not know that we capybara are very strong. There is little we can push over if we put our nose to it. I put my nose to that fence and it didn’t budge. (By the way, you can see my other two wounds in this photo, one on my hip and the other behind my ear. The hip one doesn’t have stitches. I got that when I jumped while the vet was trying to give me a shot.)


Open up, I say, open up!

We are nothing if not persistent. I hit that fence with my paw to show it I meant business. If fences could cower, I sure it would have been at that moment, but it still did not open up.


I've got that fence just where I want it.

After I gave that fence a scare it won’t forget, I decided to give it a little time to think over what we had discussed. There’s nothing like turning your back on a problem to make it take you seriously.


It's not muddy but it's water.

While the fence was considering it’s options, I took a little swim in the pool. This clean water is fine but sometimes a capybara really wants to get dirty.

After my pool swim, Rick and Melly went in the house and left me alone. I pretended to graze for a while before going back to the fence and taking up where we’d left off.


Yup, I won.

Of course, the fence gave in. I don’t care what that vet says about staying out of the pond while my stitches heal, you can’t keep a good capybara clean, that’s my motto, stitches or no. Of course Melly was all unhappy about it but sometimes she just doesn’t understand. It’s one of those things, if you’re not a capybara, you don’t get it.

YouTube Preview Image

Later, I let Melly see just what I think of that fence.


11 comments to Don’t fence me out!

  • Alena Loiselle


  • Gari, you very much remind me of my dog Henry. That fence wouldn’t hold him either. If you ever come to DC, you should come visit Henry. I think you’d be friends.

  • Kim

    Naughty capy! *sigh* Well, do antibiotics work on capybaras? More work for Melly, poor thing. But it seems like he’s feeling better if he’s up to trouble.

  • Jen S.

    hahahahaha…yep, definitely needs Mission Impossible music! 🙂

  • Christina Y.

    Hi Gari! Glad you are feeling all mischievous! I hope that means you are feeling better. I gotta tell you, those stitches really do give you sort of a roguish look. They say chicks love scars, and there might be something to that. My husband has a scar above his eyebrow and I think it’s handsome. Heehee! 🙂

  • rosenatti

    Great action shots; very swashbuckling with the patches and scars.

  • Kathy

    Looks great! Nice job. 🙂

  • Laura M.

    Persistent little bugger aren’t you, Gari. You remind me of a toddler in many ways–no regard for boundaries, personal safety, or the word “no.” I’d hate to see you do a full fledged tantrum!

  • francine

    You are a capy of determination and fortitude!

  • Dharma

    Where there is a will there is a way…and Gari proved that.!

  • gem

    Oh Gari, you seem to have the same attitude as my much smaller guinea pig Maya! She doesn’t let things get in her way either, she is very very good at bulldosing her way through anything her pesky human puts in her way!

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