Visitors, vagrants or vampires?


Me, Stacy Winnick and Angela Mitchell

This week I have two “visitors” staying at my house, Stacy Winnick and Angela Mitchell. You may remember Stacy from her visit here in April. She owns Caplin Rous’ younger brother Dobby. Angela is also famous for her rodent connection. She has three of the cutest guinea pigs in the world, Papua Piig, Phoenix Phuzzer and Decoy Piig.

It has been an exciting couple of days…or has it? For instance, it is after 11:00 am as I am writing this and Stacy is still in bed while Angela just got up to take a shower. I, on the other hand, have been up since 6:30 swimming, eating, grazing and napping, plus a little chasing Maple around. My day is half over and they haven’t even gotten up! I told Melly that I think they might be vagrants who hang around sleeping all day and drinking all night. Melly says they are not but that is what the evidence points to.


Consulting with Decoy Piig

Angela brought Decoy with her. That was really good because he was able to explain Angela’s behavior to me. He said she’s really not a sloth, she’s more of a bat.


Transfer of knowledge

I took Decoy on a tour of the house while he told me how Angela is up all night, just like a bat. I asked if she was a fruit bat or an insectivore bat and Decoy said he thinks she is a vampire bat! What? “Well,” Decoy explained, “she sleeps all day and avoids the light. Did you know that her tan is fake? She got it from a machine.” I asked Decoy why he wasn’t afraid but he just shrugged it off and said not to worry. It is hard not to worry about something like that.


More evidence that Angela is a vampire

I realized that Angela actually can go out in the light. She spent a couple of hours with me in the pool and we even shared… Shared what? I thought it was a piece of red spaghetti but now I am not so sure. I think as soon as I’m through with this post I’ll have to go brush my teeth.


I think you're using too much blue

Vampire or not, Angela is a talented graphic artist. She is here to help me make some designs for tshirts and stuff featuring capybaras. Oh my gosh! You are going to be so amazed with the stuff she and I have come up with (and a little help from Melly and Stacy)! Keep your eye on this blog for more information on them in the near future.


Thanks, you were so right about the blue.

You can see how happy we both were with the final product. I’m not saying my contribution was the most important part of the design but…


Graphic design is hard work

After all that I had to take a nap. Decoy didn’t really do anything but he was tired too.


The mole rats were afraid but I told them I would protect them

Stacy’s two naked mole rats, Moley and Molly, were tired too but they were afraid to close their eyes with Angela around. I showed them how big and ferocious I can be and that calmed them right down.


Me and Stacy in the pool

In case you’ve forgotten who Stacy is since I haven’t mentioned her since the top of this post, I’m going to end with a photo of her petting me in the pool. She has a way with capybaras, I’ll tell you that. Dobby is a lucky ‘bara.


9 comments to Visitors, vagrants or vampires?

  • rosenatti

    *cough* I won’t ask how such a young ‘bara knows about vagrants who sleep all day and drink all night.

  • francine

    It looks like a good time was had by all! Looking forward to the tshirt designs!

  • That sownds like a pritty intresting visit. At least you got lots of swimming an stuff even if you did haz sum kind of vampire bat in your howse.

  • Alena Loiselle

    That was fun! It’s great to see visitors hanging with Gari. I can’t wait to upgrade my wardrobe with Angela Mitchell designed capybara t’s!!!

  • Dharma

    So, you had a pool party (with adult beverages) and didn’t invite me…I’m crushed. Looks as if Gari is back in the swing of things, or should I say swim of things…Good!

  • Dobby is indeed one lucky ‘bara and Gari is one lucky ‘bara to have her visit him twice. 🙂 I bet he enjoyed her visit. 🙂

  • Alma

    That red spaghetti reminds me of some candies called skwinkles mmm… delicious!

    I just have one question: is it easy to get near to a capy?
    I found a zoo in my country, where capybaras can be touched, but I don’t know (when I get there) the way I can get close to them, so they don`t scare or feel nervous.
    Any advise?

  • […] Visitors, vagrants or vampires? […]

  • […] Visitors, vagrants or vampires? […]

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