Walk & Roll

The road less traveled (at least by me)

I’ve been a pretty sheltered capybara most of my life and this has taught me a few things. Firstly, I do not like to travel in cars. Cars go to the vet and the vet is scary. Sometimes cars go nowhere and you end up right back where you started. This is also scary because you don’t know that’s going to happen until a human opens the car door and lets you get out. Secondly, I learned that fear is kind of exciting. I am afraid of new things and new places and yet I crave them. It’s a paradox that I cannot resolve. I want to go outside the yard but I am sure I am going to be eaten by a monster if I do. Melly and Rick are both determined that I become accustomed to both of these things: car rides and the wide world.  This morning they decided to give me another lesson in it.

I don’t want to get into the gory details of how hard it is for them to get my harness on me, I’ll just say that the use of the word “gory” was intended to be descriptive. Once the harness is on, there’s still the part about tricking me into getting into the car. They use two things as bait: Rick and treats. Rick is my favorite person in the whole world. I will follow him anywhere (as long as it is someplace I want to go).  So I eagerly follow him out the gate. But then he gets in the car and calls to me like I am going to get in that deathtrap.

Looking out the window is scary

Even though I don’t mean for it to happen, eventually I find myself in the car, usually on Rick’s lap since Melly is the driver. The world outside the windows starts shifting and blurring. It’s a little bit mesmerizing and a couple of times I think I actually got hypnotized. It is really hard to take your attention off those moving shapes.

Pssst!Tell her she's going too fast.

Sometimes I wander around the back part of the car.  There is no way out back there but it does give me the opportunity to climb on the back of the seat and look over Rick’s shoulder. I think he likes this better than when I climb in his lap. The view out the back windows is just as confusing as the view out of the side windows. I wish I could see out the front like Melly does.

After an indeterminate time, the car stops and we are either at the vet or back at home. Only this time we weren’t! We weren’t at the vet at least, that part was good. I could smell home. Melly got out of the car with me and then Rick and then a weird thing happened and Rick got back in the car and drove away. I was very confused by this. Melly and I were standing alone on a dirt road. (See photo at the top of this post.). What were we supposed to do?

Let's get moving!

After a while I heard Rick calling me. Rick sounds like safety to me so I started to head toward the sound of his voice, dragging Melly behind me.

Where is he? Where's my Rick?

I made pretty good time. As I got closer to Rick’s voice, everything started to look and smell more and more like home. By the time I found him, we were at the cattle guard that leads to our driveway. That made me really excited because between the cattle guard and our house is Capybara Creek.

Me in the "creek"

I don’t know why they call it Capybara Creek. I mean, I get the Capybara part but why is it called a creek? From my understanding, a creek has water in it. The only water I’ve ever seen in Capybara Creek comes out of a hose that Melly puts down there. And it’s not that much water at that, just enough for a good roll in the mud. Not that I’m complaining, I love a good roll in the mud.


Oh, the joy of a roll in some nice, fresh, squishy mud! That harness and leash gets in my way a little bit but I can put up with it — I can even put up with the car ride — for a good mud roll.

Water, dirt and capybara in perfect perportions

Do you see how my harness fits me in the above photo? Melly has a thing about that. She insists that the connecting strap be between my legs. I can’t help it if the mud makes me slippery and that strap moves over to one side. I also can’t help it if my paw slips through the collar part of the harness. I’m a streamlined animal and when I’m all greased up with mud, nothing will stick to me.

It's not that comfortable

As soon as Melly sees that the harness is not perfectly in place anymore, she insists that we go back in the yard. I was not ready to go back but the harness was a bit uncomfortable like that so I didn’t put up too much of a struggle.

Always time to stop for photos

Messed up harness or not, Melly cannot stop herself from taking photos of me. It is a burden being so cute but I try hard not to show it.

Clean again

In order to get my harness off, I have to go get in one of my tubs of water. I do not understand this part of the ritual. I just did a wonderful job of covering myself in delectable  mud but this clean water washes it right off.  I will never understand humans.

7 comments to Walk & Roll

  • OMC ma humanz do the SAME thing to me. I go outside n roll in a nice dirty spot of da walk and kick up a nice dust cloud n den dey brush it all out of ma furs. all dis hard werk n dey go and make us hab to do it ALL over agin.

  • francine

    Awesomesauce!! I so needed this happy story of adven ture 🙂 cars are not all that bad, when they take you to MUD!

  • My harness does the EXACT SAME THING when I roll in mud! I am sure it is alive and is trying to strangle me. Sometimes I even click at it after it comes off, especially if it has gotten twisted. The scariest part is when Stacy reaches for my harness too soon after it comes off: I need to examine it carefully to make sure it is safe for her to handle! Back off, lady! This thing is dangerous!

  • rosenatti

    I lurve that Rick is Gari’s role model/father figure.

  • Cheryl

    Don’t feel bad about having a problem getting into a car. I myself also have this dibilatating phoiba that I am trying to work on. I get a very nervous stomach and when I have to get into a car my phobia clicks into overdrive and sometimes I will even avoid it at all costs. I am working on it and I think the more you do it you will find that getting into the car might be a very enjoyable trip because you won’t always end up at the vets.

  • Kerry Anne K

    Gari! You’re doing great! Keep up the good work! I love reading about your adventures. These little glimpses into your world make my day!

  • Marc

    Hmmmm, what would a wish list for the ideal harness have? I looked for different cat harnesses for my daughter’s kitty Lailana, and they all had the same problem: they are restrictive and pinching under the front legs. Then I found a waaay better one: it’s a walking jacket.

    Would a design like this (just larger) be an improvement?

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