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Capycoppy & Super Gari with a painting of Brewskie Butt

There was a lot to learn and a lot to do at Blog Paws 2011 and almost all of it seemed to involve posing Capycoppy and Super Gari with various props. Some of my favorites were the amazing paintings by artist BZTAT. I have always loved BZ’s work, including the above painting of her famous cat, Brewskie Butt. I could hardly pass up the opportunity to have the plushies drinking his “morning brew.”

Capycoppy & Super Gari with a painting of Okey

We  love all of BZTAT’s work (Am I really talking for myself and a couple of plushies? What’s happened to me?), especially this painting of her cat Okey. Okey was a stray that BZ picked up out of a parking lot but she’s a lot more than that now. Not only is she beloved by BZ and her many friends, Okey has inspired a charity to bring awareness to the link between animal abuse and child or spousal abuse. Here is the link to read about Okey’s Promise. Please consider a donation.

BZTAT has long been an online friend of first Caplin Rous and now Garibaldi Rous. Like many people she was stunned by his sudden death. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me a letter or an email or posted on my blog or Facebook or who bought a Capycoppy. While I was at Blog Paws I heard several stories of the shock and loss that so many of us suffered at that time. I still can’t talk about it without crying.


BZTAT, the plushies and a portrait of Caplin Rous

But I digress. What I was trying to say is that BZTAT created a beautiful portrait of Caplin Rous walking through the grass by Capybara Creek with a warm sun overhead. I guess this is what capybara heaven might look like if I only believed in such a thing. I had always meant to have her do a portrait of him for me but she volunteered to do this one on her own and she gave it to me free of charge.


Garibaldi Rous with BZTAT's portrait of Caplin Rous

I’ve always said that pet people are the best people. Thank you all for helping me through a very difficult time. And thank you to my friend BZTAT for her wonderful gift. Who says internet friends are not real friends?

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