Raise Your Paw

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Garibaldi Rous wants a treat

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Caplin Rous wants a treat

Garibaldi has his own take on Caplin’s tap-a-tap a trick. Maybe later we’ll be able to get him to touch with the paw but the trick is pretty cute as it is. Kind of reminds me of a dressage horse.


6 comments to Raise Your Paw

  • Amy

    I love how when Sheldon tells him to raise the other paw, he’s like, “Well, I’ll do both if you want me too…” I follow you guys on Facebook, and these things totally brighten my day!

  • Lovely videos of Caplin and Garibaldi! Whee enjoyed watching them very much, both pawing tricks are very cute, regardless of touching or not.

    Good work learning Caplin’s trick Gari, now you can follow everyone around asking for treats all the time! 🙂

    Wheeks, from your piggy fans

  • Bee

    Do the capybara wave! So cute 🙂

  • You’re making me look bad!

  • lynn marcotte

    Dobby you’re so funny!!!!
    Great job Gari!!!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    Gari, I watched your latest video and I thought you were absolutely brilliant. You deserve a huge prize for Effort. You were trying so hard to do what you thought “they” wanted (or at least to ensure that the next peanut arrived under your nose) and you ended up achieving even more than you were asked to do. And with such style as well! I wish I had a capybara like you.

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